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Springtime Bonding

Finally, FINALLY spring is here!  The snow has melted away, and I've put away my heaving winter coat.  As the seasons change, I like to (read: make myself) look inward and examine any routines or habits that I might need to change to ensure I’m living my best life.  Sounds pretty tedious . . . but, it’s true.

No surprise to anyone, I can't get into a good headspace without first having a clean and organized physical space.  This means accomplishing not only my routine resets, but also my seasonal resets.  In addition, if I’m running a Bootcamp, I try to accomplish the Bootcamp tasks before I launch it to make sure that each task is doable for everyone participating. So . . . I began my spring cleaning reset.  I won’t spoil the Bootcamp by sharing too many details here, but I got a lot done! My house is ready for spring and looking beautiful, and my garage and lawn are pristine!

Is it weird that I get a little high when I...

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Game Changers

During the Grid + Glam February Organizing Bootcamp, a client asked about my "Game Changers" - things that have revolutionized how I get and stay organized.  I answered the question in the closed Facebook Group, but also wanted to share it with you here. I’ve broken them into two categories: organizing game changers and routine game changers. I hope some of these ideas will help you on your journey to becoming the most organized person you know!

Organizing Game Changers:

  1. I have less stuff.  I have always been very organized, but it took me a YEAR to get to the level I’m at now.  And, during that year, I got rid of a lot of stuff, including the “I may need this some day” things, the “I can’t let go of this yet” things, and the “but I spent money on this, I can’t just throw it away” things.  Over time, I let ALL of that go. It was liberating, and so helpful. Because the less you have, the easier it is to...
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