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CRUSHING your Roadblocks

Most of my clients have at least a little anxiety around organizing. Some have anxiety around the process of getting organized.  And for others, it is anxiety around their ability to stay organized (and for some, it’s of course, both). Research tells us that clutter can cause stress and anxiety.  But what happens if the process of becoming organized also stresses you out?

After working with countless clients, I have distilled their anxieties into six main roadblocks.   I’m going to address each, and provide you with new ways to overcome them.

Roadblock 1: You feel overwhelmed because you’re thinking about your entire house and life and every single thing that needs to get organized.  

Break. It. Down.  Here’s a little nugget of truth for you: I get overwhelmed when I go to a new client’s home! My mind races with everything that needs to get done. But, letting that overtake me doesn’t help. I have to remind myself to...

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