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How To Get Organized: An All-Inclusive Reference Guide

Getting organized can be difficult. But it’s not complicated. It seems complicated when you first get started because it feels like there are a million little decisions to make, and a million little steps to take.

None of the decisions are complicated. None of the steps are complicated.

But if you add them alllll up. well, it feels difficult. Even insurmountable.

A few years ago, (ok, maybe lots of years ago), I went to grad school.  As I was approaching campus to attend orientation, I was overcome with all.the.things I’d have to do while in school. Writing papers, taking tests, reading assignments, learning economics and statistics, studying, studying, studying. All of those tasks flooded my mind, and I almost turned around. 


But, I didn’t. I went through orientation. I went to all of my first classes where each professor gave me a…


Yes! A syllabus! The guide to grad school! 

For me, grad school was a series of action steps taken toward an ultimate goal: the transformation from the old me to the new me. And how can we get through any important transformation? With a guide.

So, fast forward to today, and my desire for you to make a similar transformation for you and your home. Transitioning from living in a hot mess, to becoming the most organized person you know is a transformation … A huge transformation … A really important transformation. And like with any important transformation, you need a guide. 

Enter: The Home Organizing Guide

I put together a syllabus for getting your home organized. It’s called the Home Organizing Guide and it’s the closest thing you can get to having a professional organizer in your tote bag at all times. I’ve bundled up every printable you could possibly need to not only organize all the rooms in your house, but also keep them looking neat, tidy, and effortlessly stylish.

If you give yourself ample time, and go page by page through the Home Organzing Guide, you’ll transform your home (and life) for good.

Here’s what’s included in this printable PDF:

  • The Ultimate Organizing Checklist, so you can easily track your progress along your organizing journey.
  • Room Organizing Checklists, so you can effortlessly work your way through every space in your home. From the kitchen and pantry to your toy room and mudroom, we haven’t left anything out! 
  • Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Reset Checklists, so you (and your family) never miss a single step when it comes to maintaining your systems.
  • Product Recommendations for each room in your home, so you know exactly how to contain everything from paper clutter to makeup products to cleaning supplies.
  • Checklists for just about any routine event. Need to prep the home for guests? Packing for a family holiday? The Home Organizing Guide has you covered, every step of the way.
  • A walk-through video from Corinne, showing you exactly how to set up and use your Home Organizing Guide for a well-run home.

Because I’m all about this step-by-step approach, let me give you a little sneak peak at how you can use the Home Organizing Guide, starting with the kitchen.

How to Get Organized: Start in the Kitchen

Oh, mama. How would it feel to have your ENTIRE kitchen organized exactly how you want it?! Let’s talk you through it… step by step!

Step 1: Purge

The first step to organizing is purging! Purge all items that you no longer use, that no longer work, or are expired. Go through each of these categories: food, fridge and freezer, spices and dry goods, cooking supplies and utensils, appliances, etc. If you’re feeling like you need more inspo regarding purging and decluttering, check out my blog called “Where to Start Decluttering: How I Did it and You Can Too.”

Step 2: Organize

When you’re organizing your kitchen, create zones. Think about how you use your kitchen and what items you need to have close to your fridge, oven and dishwasher. Now, go through each category one at a time. It’s not complicated! Let it be easy. If you take your time and do it right this time, you won’t ever have to do it again. 


  1. Food: Use general categories, decant dry goods, use shelf risers for canned goods, and label your bins.
  2. Fridge + freezer: Create zones, set it up so you can see everything, leave space for overflow.
  3. Spices + dry goods + oils/vinegars/sauces: Place them as close to the stove as you can, and use a turnstile.
  4. Cookware: Store pots and pans with tops on, and use a divider instead of stacking cutting boards and baking sheets.
  5. Cooking Utensils: Daily use items can go on your counter. Use drawer dividers for other utensils.
  6. Appliances: Daily use items can go on your counter. Wrap cords to reduce visual clutter.
  7. Daily use items: Organize them in rows. Store bottles with their tops on them.
  8. Serving pieces and decor: Store them somewhere that's out of the way.
  9. Paper goods and under the sink: File, don't stack paper goods! Use wipeable bins under the sink.
  10. Linens and placemats: File fold linens and stack placemats.
  11. Tupperware and bottles: Store with tops on and use a wine holder for bottles.
  12. Counters: Use a large tray for pending items. When it's full, it's time to go through it.
  13. Medicine + vitamins: Use turnstiles and dividers.

Step 3: Reset

After you’ve purged and organized your kitchen to perfection, I know you’ll want it to stay this way forever. To do that, you need to do what I like to call the reset. The reset includes small daily, weekly and monthly tasks designed to keep your kitchen spotless to eternity. To learn more about resetting, check out this article called "How To Do the Sunday Reset The Right Way" where you'll even find a few quotes from yours truly! 

Here are the daily reset tasks for your kitchen: 

  • Load dishwasher nightly + unload daily
  • Go through papers in your tray
  • Pack lunches for the next day
  • Wipe down sinks + counters

And the weekly reset tasks include: 

  • Fridge + pantry: purge expired
  • Purge + sort items in drawers + cabinets
  • Grocery shop + meal prep
  • Prep food (chop fruit + veg)

It’s not complicated, but it can be difficult to organize your home if you don’t have a guide.  This Home Organizing Guide can guide you through the transformation you’ve been waiting for: from living in a hot mess, to becoming the most organized person you know.

And, let me tell you friend, I’m here for it. 

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