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Smart Storage Ideas for Small Spaces: The Elfa Door and Wall Rack System

I often get asked my best organizing advice for those of you who have small homes and are at capacity for storage. When it comes to storage space, the back of the door is one of the most under-utilized areas of the home.

Almost every room or closet has a door, and with the right storage products, the back of the door can be used to organize a wide variety of items.

One of our very own team members, Heather, was already utilizing the back of her pantry door to organize her cleaning supplies (yes, organizers are notorious for finding sneaky storage solutions). And while her shoe organizer was doing the trick, it wasn’t sturdy enough to hold all of her products. They would sag and fall, so she needed something stronger.

My Favorite Door and Wall Storage Solution: The Elfa Door and Wall Rack System

Enter the Elfa Door and Wall Rack! She was thrilled to discover it and it was super simple to install. Not only is it incredibly sturdy, but it gave her tons more storage space than she had before. And, it looks so much sleeker. 

Narrow wall spaces are additional sneaky spots that the Elfa racks can turn into useful storage units. 

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