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Don’t Get Fresh with Me

What’s the toughest thing to keep organized on a daily basis for you?  If you said “OMG, my fridge,” you are not alone, friend. Fridges are challenging: items are being placed in and then taken out again by everyone in your household pretty much all the time.  

With all of this activity, its inevitable that some items get hidden, ignored, and wasted.  You know that sad half of an onion in your produce bin? And that bunch of cilantro that you had every intention of making cilantro-lime rice with but is now wilty and gooey hidden in some corner?  Yeah, me, too!


I see it often in my client’s fridges, but also in my own.  I always go through my fridge the night before garbage day to throw out food that went bad.  The wasted food and money is SUCH a bummer.

How can we keep from wasting so much?  I’ve got three ideas to share that helped to dramatically reduce our food waste and keep us organized:

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