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Top 7 Home Decluttering Trends of 2021

Professional Organizer Decluttering Closet

This year, more than any other, people are looking to slough off all the stuff that doesn't serve them anymore, and find new, more efficient ways to organize their spaces. As a professional organizer, I want to share the best organization trends I've seen in 2021.

Trend 1: When you’re Bored...Don’t Shop

We’re all guilty of boredom shopping, especially when we were all cooped up in our homes during the height of the quarantine. And this trend has continued, even as the world has opened back up. Of course we all need to buy things. But shop with intention this holiday season. Shopping for the sake of shopping only creates more clutter. If you can resist the urge to open up the Amazon app on your phone when you start to feel bored or anxious, you will seriously reduce your need to declutter because you’ll be reducing the clutter you’re bringing into your home.

Bonus Tip: When you do intentionally purchase new items, try the one-in, one-out rule. When you add something new, you let go of something old. This way, you actively stay on top of your items before they accumulate into clutter. 

Trend 2: Join a “Buy Nothing” Group

“Buy Nothing” is a free, Facebook-based group of neighbors who give to each other freely. This is a great way to donate the things you no longer want to your neighbors who can make better use of them. You can opt to ask the neighbor to pick up the item from your front yard, so you don’t need to go anywhere and it’s contact-free.

Trend 3: Give the Gift of An Amazing Experience Instead

The holidays are upon us, and while giving and receiving physical gifts is a time-honored tradition, you may want to think outside the box (so to speak!) and give the gift of great memories. A trip to a museum, a spa treatment or a year long subscription to the G+G Membership are just a few gifts you can give (or request!) to keep your home (and your friends’ homes) tidy in 2022.

graphic of a photo with an organized pantry with the text 'The Top 7 Decluttering Trends'

Trend 4: The Ultimate Organized Pantry

A pantry that is organized with clear containers, gorgeous labels, and a bright, clean aesthetic is all the rage. Add in a meticulously organized set of spice containers and you’re really speaking my language. In addition to looking great, there is another huge benefit: when we can see everything we have, it seriously cuts down on us buying excess or wasting food that expired because we didn’t see it. So by default, an organized pantry helps eliminate clutter.

Trend 5: If it Doesn’t Fit Right Now, Donate It

Our fitness goals are so important to us, and should not be discounted. There are so many ways to get motivated to get fit...but staring at a pair of too-small jeans is not one of them. Ever. For anyone. So, say byeeeeee to that pair of jeans or blouse that don’t fit you right, and say hello to enjoying your body today! 

Trend 6: The Money is Already Spent

So many of us keep items around because we already spent a lot of money on them and don’t want to waste that money. But, the money has already been spent. It’s a sunk cost. That item is not gaining value as it sits in your basement...quite the opposite, in fact. The stress it’s causing you by contributing to the clutter in your home increases that cost even more. Feel no guilt getting rid of things you never used, just make a commitment to yourself to stop buying things you don’t need instead.

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Trend 7: Start Small

One of the biggest roadblocks I see clients face is the overwhelm that comes with having to “do it all”. To avoid falling victim to this thinking, start small. Pick a small corner of a cluttered room and just start going through your belongings. Pro tip: start with your least sentimental items. Don’t attempt to go through your childhood possessions first. Start with a junk drawer or any small space that you have little emotional attachment to. It's no secret that the more you declutter, the better you get at it AND the faster it will go. With that in mind, start small. Do this for 15 minutes a day for a week, and you’ll see major improvements in the flow of your space. And, you’ll feel so good.

Decluttering is a challenge even for the most seasoned declutterers among us. It’s extra hard when we realize that many of the decisions we’ve made have led us here. But shame and blame never helped anyone. We can’t go back and redo any of the decisions we’ve already made. We can’t un-buy that kitchen appliance we never use. We can’t snap our fingers and eliminate that pile of papers that keeps getting worse and worse in our home offices. We just can’t. 

Instead, focus on the here and now: Pick a trend I mentioned above and start implementing it today. Stop shopping mindlessly. Start going through the papers in your office - 15 minutes at a time. Stop beating yourself up for keeping those jeans for 10 years. Slough off all of your old, bad habits and start doing something new today. 

I know you can do it, friend. Because you are amazing!

 Corinne Morahan is the founder of the G+G Membership and CEO of Grid + Glam, a thriving organizing & media company designed to give busy women back their beautiful spaces & the breathing room they deserve. You can find more organizing tips via her website, www.GridandGlam.com.

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