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How to Clean out Your Closet (And Let Go of What You Don’t Need)

After living in Manhattan for six years (the last two of which included our son), I learned how to maximize closet space. Living in the burbs now with exponentially more closet space, I have come to appreciate the gift of extra space. But, I have also seen how more closets can equal more stuff — and this, unfortunately, equals more precious time wasted. That’s where knowing how to clean out your closet is key.

Graphic with a photo of a professional organizer in a closet with the title, 'How to Clean Out Your Closet.'

Today, I’ll show you an easy way to clean out your closet fast, and learn to let go of all those things you don’t actually need.

The Problem With Your Closet

Photo of a large, organized closet with built in shelving.
If you are like most, you wake up every morning, go to your closet, and sort through the same 5, 10, 50 tops that you never wear. I get it – each item has a reason for being there. 

The red top was a gift from your grandmother who was so happy to buy it for you that you feel compelled to keep it. That cashmere sweater never fit you right, but you spent SO MUCH on it, you just...

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Email Organization Tips from a Professional Organizer

Well, friend — we talk a lot here on the Grid + Glam blog about how to be more organized at home… but what about digital organization? It’s no secret that digital disorganization can cause just as much mental anguish as physical chaos. So, I thought it was about time to share my email organization tips, too.

Once you create an inbox filing system, it’s fairly easy to reach and maintain what’s been dubbed “inbox zero” — even if you only check your email once or twice a day. I know, that may sound pretty foreign right now. But trust me, it’s possible! 

How can you achieve this mythical inbox zero? Here are a few of my top email organization tips to get you on your way.

Why it’s time to organize your inbox

We all know that getting organized is important, but WAY too many of us skip the digital side of things. But especially if you’re someone who gets easily stressed or distracted at work, organizing your inbox is...

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How To Become A Neat Freak: Clean Any Messy Room Quickly + Easily

People always ask me how my house is (almost) always neat. Here is my secret: I never leave a messy room! This is the holy grail of becoming a neat freak. The general rule should be don’t leave a room until it is cleaned up. 

Graphic with a photo of an organized drawer and the title, 'How to Become a Neat Freak.'

How to Clean a Messy Room: Never Leave It for the End of the Day

Now, my husband would disagree with me big time on this philosophy. He finds my approach super inefficient. His feeling is you should clean up once, at the end of the day. I disagree. With my approach there is no cleaning or straightening to do at the end of an exhausting day when I’d rather be doing anything but cleaning.

Organized kitchen drawer with Tupperware.

Take the kitchen after dinner as an example. After you finish dinner and put the dishes in the sink, you move on to the next activity (kids need to be bathed, bills need to be paid, a load of laundry needs to go in). Once that is done, you’ll want to pour yourself a (second?) glass of wine, and hop on the couch. 

BUT, the dirty kitchen will still be...

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Should You Organize? Why Organizing is Important

Should You Organize? This is an essential question to ask yourself. Well, do you want to be organized? No, but really? Is it a priority for you? Do you want to live in an organized space like the beautiful pictures of professional organizers on instagram? Or, do you just think you should? 

Graphic with photo of a professionally organized pantry with the title, 'Should You Organize?'

There is no right or wrong way to keep your space. Yes, there is lots of research on why organizing is important, or how living in an organized space is good for your mind and can be especially healthy for kids. But I’m sure you can find research supporting the other side, too. In fact (much to my personal horror and my husband’s satisfaction) I’ve seen studies suggesting that those with messy desks are actually more intelligent! 

So… what’s the right answer? Should you get organized? Is organizing really that important?

A More Important Question Than “Why Is Organizing Important?”

All research aside, ask yourself what you want. Getting...

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The Truth About Hiring a Professional Organizer: Myths & Tips

So you’re thinking about hiring a professional organizer, but you don’t know where to start. Or maybe you’re concerned that it’s an investment that’s too out of reach for you. The truth is, there are so many reasons for hiring a professional organizer, and it might be more feasible than you think! 

Graphic with a photo of a professional organizer and the title, 'The Truth About Hiring a Professional Organizer.'

If you’re reading this, you probably already know why organizing is important, and you’d love a professional’s help in getting your home organized once and for all — but, you have questions. To help you answer them, I’m debunking some myths around hiring a professional organizer and giving you some pro-tips to help you hire the best organizer for your needs.

3 Common Myths About Hiring a Professional Organizer, Debunked

MYTH 1: Only the rich and famous can hire a professional organizer 

Hiring a professional organizer can seem out of reach, luxurious, or even frivolous. But the truth is, you don’t have to be a...

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Home Office Inspiration — Inside the Grid + Glam HQ

When working from home, it’s so important to have a designated workspace if you want to stay productive (and sane). During (and probably after) the pandemic, many more of us are working from home full-time. Whether you’re one of the 5 million people in the US who work from home from time to time even before the pandemic, or you’re a fellow business owner who’s ready to give her workspace a fresh new look during this crazy time, you’re probably looking for some home office inspiration. 

Graphic with a photo of a clean, styled office with the title, 'Home Office Inspiration.'

Well, friend, I’m happy to provide it! I recently completely renovated my home office so it could become the true Grid + Glam headquarters it needed to be. Let me give you a sneak peek behind the scenes —  from product choices to my top tips for installing things quickly even if you’re not so handy. 

The Backstory to my Home Office Renovation

When I launched Grid + Glam at the beginning of 2018, I couldn’t have dreamed that I would...

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How to Organize a Playroom (And Defeat Toy Clutter)

Playrooms! Eek! Just saying the word can cause stress levels to rise for clients (and me, if I’m being totally honest). How do you organize a playroom?! Where on earth do you even start?!

Graphic with a photo of a bookcase and colorful books with the title, 'How to Organize a Playroom.

If you’re reading this blog post, I imagine you’re in the same boat. Your kids’ playroom is completely stressing you out, and it’s high time you do something about it. Don’t worry, I’m here to help. If you’re wondering how to organize a playroom, let me share some of my top tips with you.

Does this sound familiar?

Not only do your kids have too many toys, but those toys are everywhere. All the time. You put them away, but within an hour they’re all out (again!). You assume your children must be conspiring against you; they couldn’t possibly be this messy unintentionally, right?

Photo of an organized kids' playroom with a teepee.

You think to yourself, “Do I have the time or energy to clean all this up yet again?” The reality is, no – you don’t. There are many, many...

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Simple Tips To Prioritize Self-Care

You are amazing! Women are amazing for so many reasons and at the top of the list is that we take care of everyone around us. But often this is at the expense of our own needs. I know you may read that a lot, but it’s totally true and should be said again. There are days when we put our needs last, even when it comes to the basics like drinking enough water, eating healthy meals or getting in a little exercise.

Graphic with a photo of a girl doing her hair with the title, 'Simple Steps to Prioritize Self-Care.'

Now, more than ever, it’s important to prioritize ourselves.

Including self-care in my daily, weekly and monthly resets is a non-negotiable for me. I’m a nicer mom, more thoughtful spouse and better all-around person when my cup is filled. Everyone around me knows that and I have zero guilt over it.

Do you feel the same? 

I hope so, friend. But if not, read on. 

I want you to do the following: 

  1. Determine what self-care looks like for you 
  2. Include it in your daily, weekly and monthly resets 
  3. Feel ZERO guilt over it.

It’s not...

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Sunday Refresh: A Teen's Take on the Sunday Reset

I am so excited to share this guest post by Brianna from Simply Life by Bri. Brianna is a junior in high school who fell in love with organizing when she was really young. Over the years, Brianna has shaped her hobby into a way of life. She has practically reorganized her entire house and decided that the next logical step was to help everyone else! 

When Brianna reached out to me asking if she could share about her take on my Sunday Reset process, I could not say yes fast enough! I often share about how important it is for us to instill organization skills in our kids I am so excited for you to have a peek at how a teenager puts the skills she has learned into practice! At the end of this post, she shares some tips for parents of teens on how they can encourage their kids to get excited about organizing. I hope you enjoy!

I realized how stressed I was when the school year started. On top of the impossibility of...

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How to Set Yourself Up for Success This School Year (+ a Free Schedule and Routines Printable!)

If you’re a parent of a school-aged child, you have likely conquered your first few weeks of school. Whether it’s in-person, virtual, or some mix of the two, this year is different! There are less activities for our children to be a part of and there are all types of new guidelines to adjust to… I think we can all agree that nothing feels “normal.”

Desk with a letterboard that says, 'Be Where You Are.'

Before I go any further, I want to remind you that you’re an amazing parent. The fact that you’re reading a blog post about how you can set yourself up for success this school year shows that you want the best for your kids! We are all doing the very best that we can with what we've been given. There is no “right” or “wrong” way to handle this year… trust that you know what is best for your family! 

With that said, many of you have been asking what I’m doing in my home to set us up for success this school year. I wanted to share what I’m...

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