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Should You Organize? Why Organizing is Important

Should You Organize? This is an essential question to ask yourself. Well, do you want to be organized? No, but really? Is it a priority for you? Do you want to live in an organized space like the beautiful pictures of professional organizers on instagram? Or, do you just think you should? 

Graphic with photo of a professionally organized pantry with the title, 'Should You Organize?'

There is no right or wrong way to keep your space. Yes, there is lots of research on why organizing is important, or how living in an organized space is good for your mind and can be especially healthy for kids. But I’m sure you can find research supporting the other side, too. In fact (much to my personal horror and my husband’s satisfaction) I’ve seen studies suggesting that those with messy desks are actually more intelligent! 

So… what’s the right answer? Should you get organized? Is organizing really that important?

A More Important Question Than “Why Is Organizing Important?”

All research aside, ask yourself what you want. Getting organized is a commitment. Is that where you want to put your time and energy? I still maintain that staying organized is not that much work: 10-15 extra minutes a day is really all it takes to maintain your systems. But it does take time to get organized initially.

Clear plastic bin in a pantry organizing food with a label.

So really ask yourself if it’s something you want. If it is, then ask yourself if it is something you want to do yourself, or if you’d rather spend money to hire professional organizers to do it with you. 

If you choose the latter, you have to keep in mind that without a commitment to new habits and a new organizational mindset, any changes that you or someone else puts in place won’t stick. So it has to really be something you want to do.

Is Getting Organized Something You Want?

If it is, I applaud you. It is so rewarding to transform your space into a calmer oasis. So, go, get started! Start researching professional organizers in your area. 

And if being organized is not something you want, then I applaud you, too. Being honest with ourselves is so important. So, go, do whatever it is that you want to do instead and stop lamenting over your messy house.

Close up of an organized cabinet with labeled, clear plastic bins.

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