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Simple Tips To Prioritize Self-Care

You are amazing! Women are amazing for so many reasons and at the top of the list is that we take care of everyone around us. But often this is at the expense of our own needs. I know you may read that a lot, but it’s totally true and should be said again. There are days when we put our needs last, even when it comes to the basics like drinking enough water, eating healthy meals or getting in a little exercise.

Graphic with a photo of a girl doing her hair with the title, 'Simple Steps to Prioritize Self-Care.'

Now, more than ever, it’s important to prioritize ourselves.

Including self-care in my daily, weekly and monthly resets is a non-negotiable for me. I’m a nicer mom, more thoughtful spouse and better all-around person when my cup is filled. Everyone around me knows that and I have zero guilt over it.

Do you feel the same? 

I hope so, friend. But if not, read on. 

I want you to do the following: 

  1. Determine what self-care looks like for you 
  2. Include it in your daily, weekly and monthly resets 
  3. Feel ZERO guilt over it.

It’s not about whether or not you deserve it. Of course, you deserve it! It’s about needing it. It’s about living the life that you want and not feeling guilty when you are happy, comfortable, and content. I want that for every single person I know, and even those I don’t. Just imagine what the world would be like if everyone took care of themselves to the extent that they needed? What a joyful place.

Organized bathroom with see-through bins and black labels.

I know it can be hard to start from scratch when imagining a new, more intentional self-care regimen. So, I thought I’d give you a head start with a few of the ways I am taking care of myself.

Self-Care Regimen


  1. Workout. I workout as many mornings as I can, usually 5-6 times a week. I do it first thing in the morning, so I start my day right (and limit the amount of excuses I can make throughout the day). My workouts are never over 30 minutes. If I plan to workout for more than that, I know I just won’t do it. Setting a realistic expectation for myself ensures that it actually happens. So, if it’s 30, or even just 20 minutes, I know I’ll do it and I’ll feel really great about it. 
  2. Drink water. I have a gallon-sized reusable water jug that I fill in the morning and drink throughout the day. I just feel better when I drink this much water. You may need less water than that, but even just drinking two cups in the morning will make a big difference. Try it and report back. Life-changing, I’m telling you!
  3. Get in my steps. I try to reach my steps goal each day, to be sure I am moving my body enough all day long. We often take family walks, which helps get me to my goal of 10,000 steps.  I also got a bedazzled watch face and band for my apple watch to encourage me to check my steps often.
  4. Healthy Eating. I prepare some healthy food on Sunday. This means washing and cutting veggies and fruits and making my new breakfast obsession - a keto-friendly blueberry muffin recipe. Click here to learn more about keto-friendly eating, if that’s up your alley. 

Organized bathroom with see-through bins and black labels.


  1. Reset. My house is my happy place because I spent the year organizing it. (If you want to read more about that year, check out this blog post called Where to Start Decluttering.) I love being in my house which has made this so much easier. And by now you KNOW I do my daily, weekly and monthly resets.
  2. Make my bed. I make my bed daily. This is part of my reset, but I wanted to talk about it specifically since it’s at the beginning of the day and can really set me up for success. Even if the rest of the house isn’t exactly where you want it to be, having a clean bedroom with a made bed can bring serious calm into your home and make you feel great.


  1. Professional services. I get my nails done every two weeks and lashes every three weeks. That time spent relaxing at the salon is my “me” time and it refreshes me. Having beautiful nails and lashes makes me feel confident and happy. So this is one of those non-negotiables for me. 
  2. Hair + makeup regimen. I LOVE having my hair and makeup done well. So I’ve invested in a vanity in my bedroom and makeup that I love. Doing my hair and makeup daily helps me feel like I can tackle whatever the day throws at me. But, I also wear comfy clothes. Cute clothes, but comfy clothes. That combination of hair and makeup AND comfy clothes is perfect for me. 

Organized bathroom with see-through bins and black labels.


  1. Cold brew. Every girl needs a daily indulgence. I look forward to mine so very much. I make a morning cold brew with ice, stevia sweetener, and a dash of cream. It’s a simple indulgence but it feels so decadent. It gives me a little pep in my step. 
  2. Bath. Almost every night, I take a bath. I usually put some eucalyptus scented epsom salts to really uplevel the experience. Sometimes I even light a candle.  This is such a simple, easy thing to do, but it is good for my body and my stress level. 
  3. Cozy slippers and cozy pjs. Friend, if you don’t already love your pjs and slippers, it’s time for an upgrade! I love slipping into these slippers and these pajamas every night. 
  4. Yummy, delicious bed to get into. Since my bed is made, it’s such a treat to “turn down” the bed each night. The sheets are crisp and I have about 18 pillows to choose from, depending on my mood. 

Self-Care Improvements

Improvements I’ve already made: two things I’ve cut out of my routine

  1. Talking on the phone at night. I used to talk to a friend (or two) each night and I really loved connecting with them and getting the opportunity to listen, share and vent a bit. It was really lovely. But, over time, I've found that the calls have started to be draining.  Maybe I’m becoming more introverted over time. But I usually spend my evenings alone, listening to audio books, working, getting my reset on, or chatting with my husband, and have found that this fills me up so much more.
  2. Watching TV. I’ve never been big on watching TV, but now I almost never watch it. I know so many people love their TV time, and if you do than consider the time you’ve carved out for it a self-care win!  But I have found that if I spend that time doing other things, even when I’m exhausted, I get a lot more out of my day. 

Organized bathroom with see-through bins and black labels.

Improvements I’m Going to Make

  1. Getting to bed earlier. I know it’s so cliche, but it’s totally true. Going to bed early is good for you! I just wish I did it more often. 
  2. Reading. I listen to podcasts, and books on Audible constantly. Whenever I’m putting on makeup, driving, folding laundry or putting the groceries away. But I don’t sit down and read an actual book as often as I’d like. So, ideally when I start going to bed earlier, I’ll also read at night. 
  3. Creating a morning routine that involves some intention setting. I love my morning routine: make my bed, complete a 30 minute workout, do my hair and makeup, have breakfast with the family, and then get the kids to school. (In addition to my morning routine, I write about all of my daily, weekly and monthly routines in this blog post called My Secret for Staying Organized.) I have been lying in bed and thinking about my intentions for the day, but there’s nothing like getting pen to paper, so I really want to start writing my intentions out. 
  4. Stopping eating sweets too late. I don’t want to cut sweets out, but I wish I didn’t eat as many of them at night because I never sleep as well when I do. 

I started by saying this and I’ll say it again (because it’s so true): You are amazing. I hope you know how amazing you are. And I hope you treat yourself like you are amazing.



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