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5 Tips to Increase Work-from-Home Productivity

What once seemed like a small hiccup in our daily lives now seems to be our new normal... working from home! And, as you know, it’s not just us adults. Our kids are at home doing virtual school for the remainder of the school year. If your home is anything like mine, it's a place that can be full of distractions (for kids and adults alike). It's full of overlooked chores waiting to be completed, children who need snacks, and a couch that is calling our names! Over the last few weeks, we have managed to set up a system in our home that has majorly increased our overall productivity. So, today, I am sharing 5 tips to help increase YOUR work from home productivity!

1. Create a defined workspace for each member of the family

This first tip will look different for all of us. Creating defined workspaces for your family will depend a lot on your home set-up and the ages of your kids. Before you create spaces, you will need to determine whether your kids will be able to work...

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Top 10 Tips to Get You Back on Track During This Quarantine

Ok, friends. This time has been...you know...special. Some days, I am so content to be home, cozying up with my hubby and kiddos in my den. But other days….nope. I miss the old routine. I even miss DRIVING. (Oh gosh - did I just say that out loud?!)  

But, you all know I love setting goals. I’ve been thinking a lot about old goals that I can’t currently move forward on as a result of being stuck at home, and others that are suddenly on the top of my list. You know those goals - the ones that sit patiently at the bottom of your list that you can never find time for.  Well, the time is now. 

With no further ado, here are my top 10 tips for surviving quarantine, split into three handy categories: Goals that are unchanged by the quarantine, goals that I'm pivoting during the quarantine, and goals that have been brought out of obscurity.

Goals that are unchanged by being in quarantine:

1. Maintaining an Organized Home

I mean...obviously, right? This is...

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4 Easy tips to Tackle Your Paper Clutter

Is the never-ending paperwork in your home making you feel overwhelmed and disorganized? Do you wish you could tackle your paper clutter once and for all? I get it, friend — paper clutter isn’t the sexiest topic in home organizing, but tackling it is so important and impactful all the same.

The truth is, paper clutter is making your home look disorganized and messy, and it can be seriously stressful. You know what I’m talking about — the scattered bills and receipts overflowing in your desk drawers, the high stack of flyers on your kitchen counter, and the important documents you can never seem to find when you need them most.

Today, I’m going to show you four easy tips to tackle your paper clutter: ‘quick wins’ you can do today to start organizing your paperwork. Plus, I’ll show you what to do next if you want to get on top of it, once and for all.

Corinne managing her digital paper clutter

Why Do We Accumulate So Much Paper Clutter in the First Place?

In my experience, what...

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How to Organize a Kid’s Closet with a Few Simple Tricks

My son recently turned 10 years old. And while the organizing systems I implemented when he was still a toddler were holding strong, I knew that his double-digit status warranted a closet upgrade. I am excited to share with you how we organized his big kid closet with a few simple tricks.

Trick 1: Get your child on board 

My first step in any organizing project is purging. That’s easy to do alone when your kids are little. But as they get older, it’s important to include them in the process. When I approached my son about this project, I was surprised that he was immediately on board. If your kid is less enthusiastic, there are a couple approaches you can follow:

  1. Give choices. The more you allow your children to guide the process, the more interested they will become. I like to give them options ... within a range of things I’ve already approved. 
  2. Do it without them.  It may not be quite as much fun without them, but once they see how much...
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My Lockdown Kids' Schedule and Tips (+ Free Schedule Template)

Ok, friend - if you have kiddos at home like me, we have a long few weeks ahead of us.

A man who is clearly exaserbated by the COVID-19 lockdown

That's actual footage of all of us trying to not lose our minds right now. But, we'll survive this!  

Here's what I know for sure: children thrive on structure. And so do most adults. I'm sharing my lockdown schedule and best tips below for how to navigate the next several weeks at home. These steps are totally doable for everyone and will go a long way to help us all feel sane amidst the chaos. 

I've also included resources you can use (including a downloadable daily schedule I created) at the bottom of this blogpost. I'll continue to share more on Instagram and Facebook.   

Lockdown schedule for a first and fourth grader. 

But first, can I let you in on a little secret? I work so much that I'm actually excited to have this forced time with my family. And I also LOVE to stay in sweats all day, so I'm not sad about not having to put on actual clothes.

Ready? Let's go!

What's Your End Goal?

Whenever I am faced with a...

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How to Organize your Pantry in Two Hours

Let’s talk about how to organize food. Most professional organizers I know dream about organizing pantries. The product choices are endless and the end results can be so stunning.  But for most of our clients, the kitchen is BY FAR the hardest room to tackle. It is the most used room in your home. And while you can stop shopping to reduce clutter in other areas of your home, you CAN’T stop buying food!  We all have to eat. Whether you have a dedicated pantry or smaller cabinets spread throughout your kitchen, it is possible to organize your food quickly! Below are my tried and true tips on how to organize your pantry in two hours.

How do I know you can do it? Because we put this to the test by giving a mini-pantry makeover for one of our loyal Instagram followers. Check out her before and after (at the end of this post), which we achieved in two hours. Here is the before:

Pantry before the mini makeover

Pantry Organizing Steps

1. PURGE (30 minutes)! 

Always, always, start...

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How to Write a Mission and Vision Statement in 6 Steps

When I launched Grid + Glam I made a commitment to myself that I would run it like a business. That might sound obvious, but the truth is the more small business owners I meet, the more I realize that so few of us take the time to create the business fundamentals, like writing a Mission and Vision statement, that will set our businesses up for success.  It makes sense, of course: We are visionaries who want to jump right into the work. But after coaching and mentoring several business owners, I’m even more convinced of the importance of this.  

I could talk ad nauseum about business fundamentals, and systems and processes. But instead I want to focus on one aspect that so many business owners overlook: creating a Mission and Vision Statement. It might seem easy, but I can tell you that putting ideas on paper is harder than we thought.  It was a long process but the results were amazing. And the best part is that now when we are faced with a difficult...

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Spring Break with Kids: How to Plan Like a Pro

Spring break can be SO fun. No matter your destination, spring break is a great time to get away, enjoy some sunshine, break out of your routine, and knock out those winter cobwebs.

But, it’s not always fun, right? Isn’t there often a little problem that turns into a big problem, and that big problem evolves into a ruined trip? Especially when doing spring break with kids,  it is like a disaster waiting to happen. Everyone gets cranky and blames each other for their crankiness, and you’ve got (what I like to call) a stress avalanche on your hands. 

Below are several examples of small problems that I’ve encountered on spring break trips with my own kids that could have turned into big problems. Luckily, I’ve got a tip for each one, so you can go into your spring break trip knowing you have done everything you can to ensure it is successful, safe, and fun!

5 common problems with doing spring break with kids (and how to prevent them)

1. The...

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5 Steps To Organize Your Makeup

You know what I love ALMOST as much as I love organizing? Makeup! It makes me feel good and gives me that little pick-me-up when I need it. 

Finding fun, creative ways to organize my makeup is how I blend my love of organizing with my love of makeup. I have a built-in makeup vanity, so my makeup organizing is totally on point. But, I know how easy it is for beauty products to get out of hand. 

I think we’re all guilty of buying makeup we don’t need, don’t use or thought we’d like someday. And, we often don’t think about the best way to organize our makeup. As a result, bathroom counters can quickly become seemingly insurmountable messes. So, I put together these five easy steps so you can easily organize your makeup.

Makeup organizer from the Container Store, used here to organize someone's entire makeup collection.I asked one of our fabulous organizers here at Grid + Glam, Caitlin, if she’d be willing to be our makeup organizing guinea pig.  She was thrilled to participate! Keep reading to see how easy and fun it can be to get...

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Organizing Small Spaces

I often get asked my best organizing advice for those of you who have small homes and are at capacity for storage.  When it comes to storage space, the back of the door is one of the most under-utilized areas of the home.

Almost every room or closet has a door, and with the right storage products, the back of the door can be used to organize a wide variety of items.


One of our very own team members, Heather, was already utilizing the back of her pantry door to organize her cleaning supplies (yes, organizers are notorious for finding sneaky storage solutions).  And while her shoe organizer was doing the trick, it wasn’t sturdy enough to hold all of her products. They would sag and fall, so she needed something stronger.



Enter the Elfa Door and Wall Rack! She was thrilled to discover it and it was super simple to install. Not only is it incredibly sturdy, but it gave her tons more storage space than she had before.  And, it looks so much...

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