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Top 10 Tips to Get You Back on Track During This Quarantine

Ok, friends. This time has been...you know...special. Some days, I am so content to be home, cozying up with my hubby and kiddos in my den. But other days….nope. I miss the old routine. I even miss DRIVING. (Oh gosh - did I just say that out loud?!)  

But, you all know I love setting goals. I’ve been thinking a lot about old goals that I can’t currently move forward on as a result of being stuck at home, and others that are suddenly on the top of my list. You know those goals - the ones that sit patiently at the bottom of your list that you can never find time for.  Well, the time is now. 

With no further ado, here are my top 10 tips for surviving quarantine, split into three handy categories: Goals that are unchanged by the quarantine, goals that I'm pivoting during the quarantine, and goals that have been brought out of obscurity.

Goals that are unchanged by being in quarantine:

1. Maintaining an Organized Home

I mean...obviously, right? This is what I do! But, even for me this looks different now. Since we’re all home all the time, I’ve created some “messy” zones. NEVER BEFORE have I incorporated messy zones in my house! But, this has helped my kids and I use our “indoor voices” with each other more frequently. I also typically have cleaning help. So maintaining now includes a lot more cleaning than it used to.  We have stuck with a similar laundry routine, but have added a day of deep cleaning as a family on Saturdays.


2. Giving My All to My Members 

This is always top of mind for me. This month we’re tackling toys and my team and I have put a lot of love into guiding my Members through creating seamless playrooms and toy set-ups. I know that for many of us, despite having so many plans and obligations fall off our calendars, we are actually finding ourselves pulled in several new directions (hello, home school!). My members need the structure and guidance of the membership more than ever, and I am committed to helping them thrive through this time.

3. Exercising 

I dislike exercising. But it's a part of my morning routine because it makes me feel proud, it’s good for me, and it’s nice to accomplish something first thing in the morning. I have actually turned this into a daily ritual (for sanity’s sake) whereas before I was happy to reach four times/week. I know that exercising increases productivity and I am all about being productive during quarantine. It makes me feel good and allows me to better serve those around me.

Exercise Room for quarantine

Goals that I’m pivoting during quarantine:

4. Working 

I have (and will have again) a two-pronged business: The online G+G Membership and in-home organizing. The in-home organizing prong is currently on hold, indefinitely which is such a strange feeling. My team and I can’t go into people’s homes, so we can’t do that job ...  at all! It’s intensely disappointing, but it has given me the motivation to pivot more of my business online. I’ve created the Organizers Academy for other organizers who, like me, haven’t been able to go into people's homes to do the work we love. I know it can be hard to get anything productive done these days, but in many ways it’s the perfect time to work ON our businesses, when we can’t be working IN them.

5. Networking 

Prior to this quarantine, I attended an event called the WELL Summit for “influencers” in the Boston area. It was AMAZING, and I wish I could go to more events like that. Since I can’t, I took my networking efforts online. Follow Friday is back on my radar on Instagram and I’ve been highlighting some of my wonderful colleagues and some smaller women-run businesses. It’s also hard to not be a part of an in-person community, but I’ve been running free workshops via Zoom to try to bring people together. And my G+G Membership provides a great community that I LOVE being part of.

Goals that have been brought out of obscurity:

6. Cleaning my home 

My housekeeper, whom I ADORE, can’t come to my home right now. So as I mentioned above, the cleaning is falling to US. Yes, US.  Not ME. I am not responsible for keeping OUR house clean - we all live here. In addition to daily maintenance, once a week, my family and I do a deep clean around our house. Nobody wants to do it. Yet, everyone does it. Together. It’s not incredibly fun, but it IS incredibly satisfying.

Cleaning Closet simplified for quarantine

7. Gardening 

 Just kidding. But apparently this is a thing people enjoy! So, if you enjoy it, please, now is the time to truly embrace it.

8. Reading 

Ya’ll know I went to Harvard, so I do have a nerdy side. I usually read a handful of books at a time, some fiction (love stories are my fave), some self-help and some business-related. The ones currently playing on Audible and laying on my nightstand are: Jessica Simpson’s Open Book, Jeff Olson’s The Slight Edge, and Claire Lombardo’s The Most Fun We Ever Had.

9. Cooking more/eating better 

Getting groceries is a project in and of itself, between the masks and gloves and clorox wipes.  I really hate cooking (pretty sure I’ve mentioned that before...but I can’t help myself) so I am not really cooking more (thank goodness for my amazing husband.  This is a huge perk of him being home). But, you can! I know people who do! And, they find pleasure in it! Who knew? So, if this interests you, go for it! In the meantime, you can count on me to continue promoting my cilantro lime rice burrito as widely as I can.

10. Put together a dance routine video with my kids 

Wait, no. That’s a typo. I will not be putting together a dance routine. But if you have, record it and send it to me!  I love watching others dance. :) 

That’s it!

On a more serious note, I am so proud of my tribe, my followers, and my members for all of the work they are doing to stay positive and keep working on their goals during this unprecedented time. And know this: if all you can do is get through the day and countdown until life returns to “normal”, you are not alone. I hope to inspire those of you looking for a little guidance and motivation. But in no way want to pressure you to feel like you have to use this time constructively. It’s hard, and you are doing amazing.



Want a like-minded community to cheer you on?

Friends, I’m so glad that you’re joining me on this organizing journey. I hope that my suggestions for crushing these stresses and roadblocks are useful to you. I want you all to live a more calm, relaxed life, in a more organized, streamlined home. And I believe in you. I know you can do it! 

If you’re looking for some support on your journey — both from a professional organizer (me!) and a community of like-minded people — be sure to check out The G+G Membership

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