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The Truth About Hiring a Professional Organizer

I know so many women who want to hire a professional organizer, but either don’t know where to start or think it is out of reach for them. So today, I’m debunking some of the myths around hiring a professional organizer and giving you some pro-tips to help you in the process.

Hiring a Professional Organizer:
Myths Debunked


MYTH: Only the rich and famous can hire a professional organizer. 

TRUTH: Hiring a professional organizer can seem out of reach, luxurious, or even frivolous.  Thankfully, you don’t have to be a Kardashian to benefit from professional organizing services! Most modern professional organizers work with all different budgets, and in homes (or apartments) of all sizes. 


MYTH: My house is too messy to let you in! I need to clean and organize it first!

TRUTH: It’s extremely common to feel embarrassed about the current state of your house, no matter how messy it really is. Without seeing anyone else’s mess, most home organizing clients worry that theirs is the worst. It’s NOT. Professional organizers have seen rooms and homes in all levels of disarray, clutter, and accumulation of extra stuff. There is nothing to be ashamed of, because you’re taking control of the issue by enlisting help from a professional! Just like any expert who you hire to treat any kind of problem, a professional organizer won’t judge you or your living space. We need to see the true state of affairs so that we can implement solutions that will stick.  Before you take the next step toward a tidier space, just remind yourself that there is no shame in your messy game. 


MYTH: All professional organizers offer the same services and pricing. 

TRUTH: There are many different models and pricing scales. It’s important to understand how professional organizers differ in their service offerings and pricing structures. Some professional organizers provide a more do-it-yourself model where they give you a roadmap for you to implement.  Others do it all for you every step of the way. Keeping these differences in mind will help you compare apples to apples as you begin the process of choosing a professional organizer to work with. Here’s a basic breakdown of the two most common pricing structures: 

  • Itemized Services: Some organizers might have lower hourly rates, but charge for every service.  
  • All-Inclusive: Other organizers, like Grid + Glam, have higher hourly rates, but are “all inclusive” so you won't pay for a consultation, shopping services, or custom labels.  

Now that I’ve debunked some of the biggest myths, I wanted to give you some of my pro tips to factor in before you hire a professional organizer.


Hiring a Professional Organizer:

Pro Tip #1:  Products Add Up!

No matter how your professional organizer prices their time and services, you are responsible for the cost of any products purchased. Even though most organizing products are not expensive, they add up quickly. For example, if you are organizing a whole kitchen, the necessary products for each drawer and cabinet can add a lot to the overall project cost! Unless you plan to only work with products you already own, it’s important to set aside enough in your budget for products.  It’s smart to ask your professional organizer for an estimate in order to avoid costly surprises.  While the products might seem unnecessary, hiring an organizer is an investment and the products are shown to help make organizing systems stick.


Pro Tip #2: Do Your Research

If you’re considering hiring a professional to help get your home organized once and for all, it’s important to make sure your organizer’s style matches your own. Most professional organizers have photos of their work on Instagram, Facebook, or Pinterest, so looking at those is a great place to start. As you’re exploring, consider whether or not their aesthetic matches what you’re imagining for your home. Every organizing professional has her own style, and finding one whose portfolio inspires you is ideal. 


Pro Tip #3:  Don’t Defer, Refer! 

I highly recommend hiring someone who came to you through a referral. Organizing is a very personal experience: this person or team will be in your home and going through all of your personal belongings, after all. Having said that, our industry is comprised of some of the most compassionate and supportive women I have ever met. Here are a few easy ways to get a referral:

  • Post in a local mom's group 
  • Reach out to someone you follow on IG to see if they know someone in your area
  • Ask me!


So . . . What Are You Waiting For?

It’s easy to put off the things we know we need, but when it comes to hiring a professional organizer, there’s no reason to delay. Now that we’ve debunked the biggest myths about professional organizing and empowered you with pro tips, you have never been more ready to enlist the help of an organizing pro. Trust me, you’ll be glad you did!

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