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How to Write a Mission and Vision Statement in 6 Steps

When I launched Grid + Glam I made a commitment to myself that I would run it like a business. That might sound obvious, but the truth is the more small business owners I meet, the more I realize that so few of us take the time to create the business fundamentals, like writing a Mission and Vision statement, that will set our businesses up for success.  It makes sense, of course: We are visionaries who want to jump right into the work. But after coaching and mentoring several business owners, I’m even more convinced of the importance of this.  

I could talk ad nauseum about business fundamentals, and systems and processes. But instead I want to focus on one aspect that so many business owners overlook: creating a Mission and Vision Statement. It might seem easy, but I can tell you that putting ideas on paper is harder than we thought.  It was a long process but the results were amazing. And the best part is that now when we are faced with a difficult business decision, we can go back to our statements to find out if the choice aligns with our mission or not. It makes the decision-making process so much easier (and you know I preach on how we can make decisions easier. Hello, decision fatigue!).

So what are six best steps to write a Mission and Vision Statement? 

  1. Invite all players to the table. If your business is just you, then you’re all set. But, if anyone else has been part of this process with you - a friend, spouse, or if you already have employees, invite them to join you in developing these key documents.
  2. Ask everyone three questions: Why do we exist? What is important to us? What sets us apart from our competitors?
  3. Write down everything that comes to mind. No answer is a wrong answer. Let creativity flow here. If you have a team already, no doubt you will be surprised by some of the answers your team members offer. Keep in mind that whatever ideas they come up with are probably similar to what your customers think, too. Do not rush this process.
  4. Refine that list. This is where you need to really think critically. Refer back to those questions in Step 2. Your answers to “Why do we exist?” become your mission statement. Summarize this in a paragraph or two. Your list of answers to “What is important to us?” and “What sets us apart from our competitors?” will be your values.  Try to consolidate those answers into 3-6 values that you think truly represent who you are at the core.
  5. Communicate it to everyone. As new team members come on board, be sure to review these important topics with them as part of the onboarding process. And, publish it to your community when you're ready.  
  6. Refresh as needed. As time goes on, set aside time (maybe once a year) to review and refresh them as your business grows and your values change.

Since everything we do at Grid + Glam is aimed at helping you, what better way to show that than by sharing our Mission and Vision with you.  If you are interested, read on . . .


Our Mission 

We want each client to become the most organized person they know.

At Grid + Glam we believe spaces should be intentional and calming, not overwhelming and chaotic. We teach our clients how to gain and keep control of their homes. Grid +  Glam was created out of our passion for organizing and love of working with people in their homes to streamline their lives and spaces. There is no shame in anyone’s messy game, and there is no judgment throughout the Grid + Glam process.  

Whether our clients want us to work with them side-by-side or have us do it all, we look forward to providing a high-end service to each of them.

Our Vision

Transforming Lives + Coaching
The ultimate goal of Grid + Glam is to transform lives for the better. Organizing is our means to that end. Thus, we are guided by an ethic of coaching. We want everyone who interacts with Grid + Glam, be it clients, employees, bootcamp participants, or followers on social media, to feel like they are better off as a result of their relationship with us. This is why we started the GG Membership.

Integrity + Kindness + Self-Respect
Grid + Glam believes strongly in treating everyone with kindness and respect. We enter the homes and lives of our clients, participants, and followers with the understanding that each invitation is a privilege; one that we must honor and cherish. In return, we expect those with whom we interact to treat us with mutual respect and integrity.

Teamwork + Cooperation
We are better together! While we believe that having defined roles helps us all do our jobs better, Grid + Glam is a small company and therefore we all need to roll up our sleeves and step in, in whatever capacity we are needed. We believe in open, honest, and respectful communication. Teamwork makes the dream work!

Functionality (Grid)
An organized space creates a calm mind. To that end, we believe clients need to be ruthless in their approach to their belongings, but compassionate in their approach to themselves. The number one tenet we try to bring to our clients is that in order to achieve the level of organizing they want, they will have to purge and let go of their belongings.  Every item they keep, and every we system we put in place, will allow their home to run efficiently and optimally.

Beauty (Glam)
The importance behind the beauty of the space is twofold: beautiful spaces make us feel vibrant and refreshed AND we are more likely to maintain an organizing system that looks beautiful. This extra piece of motivation is what sets our clients’ success apart from the rest. It is for this reason that finding the right bins, lining books up in color order, facing labels in the same direction, and adding custom labels is an essential part of the process.

In Conclusion

I hope you have enjoyed this intimate peak into our business. But more than that, I hope while reading this you thought, "YES! That is how I feel when I interact with Grid + Glam!" Because that would mean we are truly living our mission, which we aim to do every day.

We have ourselves been so inspired by other entrepreneurs. If you mean business about starting your own business, check out two of my heroes, Sarah Blakely and Marie Forleo.  Sarah Blakely founded "Spanx" and this is her About Us section.  I heart her so!  And Marie Forleo is an amazing entrepreneur determined to help other entrepreneurs.  This is her How We Roll webpage, explaining what is at the core of her business. 

If you are not a business owner, I still think there is something to be said for having a personal Vision and Mission statement for your life. So, why not take a few minutes to think about how you really want to live your life. It will help make difficult decisions so much easier to make!

Ready to confidently take the next step in your organizing business? 
If you’re a professional organizer who's ready to take the next step, download my FREE training How to Run a Memorable Organizing Consultation!  This video training teaches the exact steps you can take to run an effective organizing consultation. 

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