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The Top 6 Ways I Live My Best Life Every Day

Professional Organizer Living Best Life

Remember when YOLO was a popular expression? Am I dating myself with that one? Well the acronym may have faded away but the sentiment is at the heart of how I feel every single day. Like you, I get bogged down in the minutiae of everyday life. There are always dishes to put away, laundry to wash, and counters to wipe. But there are also smiles to cherish, conversations to have, and memories to build. Life is lived in those everyday moments.

I know that this pandemic has been devastating for so many of us. And the hard truth is that we have no idea how much longer it’ll go on. How much longer we’ll be chronically worried about our health and well being. How much longer our schedules and plans will feel out of our control. My wish for all of us is to not put our lives on pause waiting for life to go back to “normal”. One of the best lessons I’ve learned is that  - pandemic or not - we have the option each day to live on autopilot or to take control of what we can to create the lives of our dreams.

Can I share a very personal, heartbreaking memory with you? I went to the funeral of one of my husband’s friend’s wives when she was just 35 years old. She passed away of breast cancer and her five year old son was running around the church pews, still full of childhood joy. I remember her husband imploring all of us to realize that life is not a dress rehearsal. This is it, friends. We get one chance. And I vowed that day to at least try to honor her and that sentiment every single day.

This past summer, my family and I took our annual two-week vacation to the Jersey Shore. But this year we did something different. Each of us (my daughter, son, husband, and myself) made a bucket list of five things we wanted to do during the vacation. Not only did this ensure that we all got out of our vacation what we needed, but it made those five things (some of which we likely would have done anyway) feel that much more special. It was such a simple tweak that made a huge difference because each of us felt like our needs got met. Amongst the highlights were the one day we watched both the sunrise and sunset, another day we went jet skiing, and my husband and I scheduled a date night. It was so much fun! There’s so much pressure on us and so much to worry about, but we can find ways every day to enjoy life to the fullest.


Of course it feels easier to do this on vacation. But what about in our daily lives? On a daily basis, I incorporate some of my favorite things. Yes, on a daily basis. I don’t wait for special occasions to wear my best perfume or use our nicest china. Every day, I try to live my best life and make sure I feel good. 

Here are the top 6 ways I live my best life each day:

  1. Cold brew. I know coffee isn’t everyone’s cup of….tea? (haha!) But, I LOVE it and it makes me feel good. So, every morning I quietly sip a cup of store-bought cold brew coffee while I chat with the kids over breakfast. I have a set of metal straws, and add in my favorite cream and vanilla sweetener. It feels luxurious every day. 

  2. Spa shower. I shower daily and to take it up a notch, I spray eucalyptus oil in the hot steam. Even if I only have five minutes to shower, it’s the most relaxing, decadent five minutes. I close my eyes, breathe in the amazing scent, and I feel relaxed, luxurious, and glam. It’s one of the easiest ways to elevate a mundane task.

  3. Meditate. I’ve always wanted to be someone who meditates, but I never got into the swing of it until last spring. I participated in the 100 day challenge that the Iron Cowboy created. For 100 days in a row, I meditated. By doing that, I learned what kinds of meditations I like (guided audio meditations) and those I don’t (silent, self-led meditation!). And now I’m hooked. Along with the cold brew, listening to a 5 minute meditation while I get ready every morning sets the tone for a calm, intentional day.

  4. Finding joy in movement. I don’t love working out, but I love how it makes me feel. So I’ve found some fun ways to workout that don’t feel like work. I set up a schedule and do a workout at least 5-6 days a week. Taking care of my body helps me feel good all day long. 

  5. Following my routines. I have minimized my daily pain points by taking the time to set up strong structures and routines in my house and in my life. Each night, I take the time to prepare for the next morning. I’ll often do this with my earbuds in, listening to a romance novel. Each morning, I do the things I love + make me feel good (like the cold brew, meditation, and working out) stress-free. I don’t need to rush through them or skip over them, because I’m already prepared for the day. 

  6. Celebrate! Listen, friend, I celebrate all the wins. I finished the dishes I was dreading after my dinner party? YESSS! Let’s order out tomorrow night! The kids ate all of their vegetables? GREAT! Let’s have a dance party in the kitchen! I got up and worked out on time and it really just felt fine, not overwhelmingly endorphin-filled as I’d hoped? WONDERFUL! A little extra pat on the back for me today.    


Ultimately, I find the things that I love doing the most, and I do them a LOT. And the things I don’t love as much, I make as fun and enjoyable as possible. I’ve recently added daily walks into my schedule, and I’m really loving them. I go for a walk almost every day, even if it’s cold, and even if it’s dreary. I’m sure at some point I’ll lose my appetite for them, and at that point, I’ll stop doing them. That’s important too: to pay attention to which of my desires are changing within me, and adapt as quickly as I can in order to continue living my best life. I’m not waiting around; I’m consciously paying attention to all of my desires and how my body feels each and every day, and making the most of it to the best of my abilities.

My mission at Grid + Glam is for all women to know they ARE and HAVE enough, today, just as they are. I don’t want any of us to wait until we have our dream home to set up our dream systems. Or wait until we find our dream partner to live our dream adventures. Or wait until we are in our dream body to wear our dream clothes.  

You are amazing, just as you are. Join me on my mission of stripping away all that doesn’t serve us. Of surrounding ourselves with people and possessions that truly bring us joy. You only live once… let’s make it spectacular!

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