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Sunday Refresh: A Teen's Take on the Sunday Reset

I am so excited to share this guest post by Brianna from Simply Life by Bri. Brianna is a junior in high school who fell in love with organizing when she was really young. Over the years, Brianna has shaped her hobby into a way of life. She has practically reorganized her entire house and decided that the next logical step was to help everyone else! 

When Brianna reached out to me asking if she could share about her take on my Sunday Reset process, I could not say yes fast enough! I often share about how important it is for us to instill organization skills in our kids I am so excited for you to have a peek at how a teenager puts the skills she has learned into practice! At the end of this post, she shares some tips for parents of teens on how they can encourage their kids to get excited about organizing. I hope you enjoy!

I realized how stressed I was when the school year started. On top of the impossibility of keeping track of everything for school, I felt like I had a million and one other things on my mind. Like how often I was washing my water bottle or cleaning my makeup brushes. They were all small, mindless tasks... but they still stressed me out.

In my life, when I have a problem, I work to find a solution. So that’s what I did! I created a system and called it my “Sunday Refresh.” Little did I know, there was a whole community of people already doing some variation of this system.

Corinne teaches what she calls a daily, weekly, and monthly reset. My system is practically the same concept, but from a teenager’s perspective.

My Sunday Refresh

Personally, I write my refresh in my favorite notebook each week. I do this mostly because half of the fun of doing a refresh is being able to cross everything off the list when I finish each task! So every Sunday, I sit down at my desk and write down everything I need to do. I usually copy the weekly tasks from my last refresh, but I will add anything else that is specific for that week.

Photo of a notebook with a handwritten to-do list with color-coded categories.
I also love to separate it into categories and of course color code everything. My categories are usually beauty, home, and school, but you can do whatever fits your life!

Make the Commitment

You need to want to do this refresh. If you feel like you are forced to do this you aren’t going to get anything out of it. It shouldn’t feel like an obligation and it definitely should not add more stress to your already stressful life. With that being said, you may not see a change in the first week. Give it time and stick with it!

Make it Your Own

If you aren’t naturally inclined to want to do this, add your own touch to make it interesting. I love to use cute notebooks and colorful pens to write out my lists every Sunday. I also play my favorite music as I am going through my list.

White notebook with multiple colored pens.

Although I call it a Sunday Refresh, you can do it any day of the week. I personally like to do it on Sundays because I feel like I am starting off my week on a good note. However, if you are too busy on Sundays, pick a day that you always have some free time. You definitely want to try to do it on the same day every week.

For Parents

If you are trying to encourage your teenager to start their own weekly refresh, remember to start small. Giving your kid a long list to do every week is definitely not going to sound fun. Being a junior in high school, I can relate to feeling like we already have enough to do with school and extracurriculars. Instead, start with small lists of things they enjoy doing. Over time, you can work with them to add more to the list. But you have to start small, or else it is too overwhelming. When I began my Sunday Refresh, all I did was clean my makeup brushes and cut my nails every week. Over time, that list grew to now include four categories full of tasks!

Believe me, doing this makes my life feel significantly less stressful and sets up my week for success.

If you enjoyed this post, check out Brianna's blog by visiting her website, Simply Life by Bri

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