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How to Refresh Your Outdoor Space for the Summer

With summer finally here, it is the perfect time for us to start thinking about our outdoor spaces. If you have been following me for a while, you know that spending time outdoors is not my favorite activity. But if a space is beautiful, a space is beautiful, even if it IS outdoors.  So I decided to give my backyard a refresh. I partnered with AllModern to create a patio design that my family loves + that will serve our needs this season! I'm excited to share some of my fave picks from AllModern, along with my best tips to help you refresh your outdoor space for the summer.

My Picks for A Glam Patio Space

When selecting items for a patio, I first think about what I want the function of the space to be. For my family, we needed a space where we have the ability to relax, feel comfortable + host our friends! With this in mind, I want to select items that will give us seating + entertaining space. I love either the Naima Table and Chair Dining Set with this Market Umbrella or the Brytant 4 Piece Sectional with a Fire Pit Table as the central items on the patio. To make the area feel more cozy, we can add items like the Walmsley Area Rug and a pair of the Blue Deven Polka Dot Pillows. 

You know that no space of mine is complete without some hidden storage.  To add extra storage, I would opt for an item like the Dedman Wicker Storage Bench. Not only is it a beautiful piece that will be functional to store any additional outdoor items, but it also gives us additional seating options! To finish off the space, I love to add some decorative planters. My favorites are this Metallic Steel Pot Planter and this Fluted Ceramic Pot Planter

How YOU Can Refresh Your Outdoor Space

Transforming your backyard or patio into a space that you love does not have to be a difficult or stressful task! Here are my three best tips to help you get started.

1. Purge Your Current Outdoor Items

You know that this is always the first step, friends! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. If you try to organize without purging, all you're doing is organizing clutter! If you're going to create an outdoor space that you really love, you have to get rid of anything that's no longer serving you. Choose a day and tackle all of your outdoor items! Pull everything out and into one spot. Go through every single item and purge what is broken + what you no longer need. The key here is to be ruthless! If there's an item that you haven’t used for years or that your family has outgrown, pass it along. If it's in good condition, feel free to donate the item!

2. Clean What You're Going to Keep

We all know that our outdoor items can get dirty very quickly (hence why being outside is not my favorite activity). There is no way that you're going to love your space if you never want to spend time in it because it’s dirty! It’s not the most glamorous task, but pull out the hose, a mild soap, an old rag or sponge and get to work. Wipe down all of the surfaces on your tables + chairs, then remove any fabric covers and run them through the washing machine. If you have any decorative items, be sure to wipe them down as well. Once you're done cleaning the items you plan to keep, you're well on your way to building a space you won’t be able to resist being in!

3. Purchase Functional Pieces that You Love

When you're selecting items to add to your patio space, remember that you can choose items that are both functional AND fit your aesthetic! It's inevitable that there will be outdoor items that you own that don’t fit the ‘look’ that you are going for,  such as toys or grilling tools. Using an item like the Dedman Wicker Storage Bench I mentioned earlier is a great way to store items while keeping the vibe of your space modern + glam. Along with choosing functional items, be sure to pick ones that you LOVE! For me, adding a decorative area rug and some accent pillows is just the boost my patio needed to make me enjoy spending time out there. 

Whether you have a tiny balcony or an expansive garden, an outside area will help you feel refreshed and create a place of comfort in your own backyard (especially after months of being cooped up inside)! If you need more help refreshing your outdoor space, you can check out these resources from the AllModern team! 

Shop Our Picks from AllModern 

I'm so happy to partner with a business with a clear and decisive anti-racism policy. Click to read this letter from the AllModern founder and CEO.The links provided in this post are affiliate links, which means I earn a small commission if you order through them. All opinions expressed are my own!  

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