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How to Easily Design a Custom Storage Closet

I love my job and I love trying out new organizing products! In the years I’ve been a Professional Organizer, I have not completed a single project for a client or myself without products from The Container Store. They have an extensive selection of products that have helped me organize hundreds of spaces! 

Over the last year, I have gotten the chance to partner with The Container Store as a Brand Ambassador. Each month, we work together to showcase some of their new products in an organizing project, so that we can help you discover + choose the best products for your space! It has been so much fun to get to be creative with new products like in our home office space when I shared about How to Increase your Work-from-Home Productivity and in a pantry when I shared How to Organize a Pantry Space in Two Hours.

Graphic with photo of an organized closet with the title, 'How to Easily Design a Custom Storage Closet'.

This month’s project was an extra special treat. The Container Store gifted me a custom Elfa Closet so that I could use it in my home and show you all how to easily design your own custom storage closet!

Choosing the Closet Space

I have gotten to work with many Elfa Closet systems in my clients’ homes, but believe it or not I don’t have one installed in my own house! I have a free-standing Elfa Drawer Unit under my bathroom sink, but I’ve never designed a full closet space. So when The Container Store reached out to me about working together to design a custom Elfa Closet, I literally started jumping for joy!

If you’ve been following along with me for a while, you know that I spent an entire year organizing every single space in my home. Buuuut … I skipped over one space. My basement storage closet! This is the closet that I keep all of the random things that don’t have any other home … holiday decorations, extra kitchen chairs for guests, my dining room table leaf, etc. I recently turned half of it into my Grid + Glam merchandise shop. 

Before photo of a closet with boxes and no clear organization strategy.

We all have a space like this, don’t we? Sort of a catch all? When The Container Store Reached out to me, I knew right away that THIS was the closet that I would use the Elfa Closet System in!

The Planning Process

When you make the decision to design a custom closet with The Container Store, you start by visiting this webpage and setting up a consultation with one of their In-Home Designers. My experience using their new Virtual In-Home Design service could not have been easier! 

There is an option to go into a physical The Container Store location to work with a designer + select your products, but I opted to work with a designer on the space from the comfort of my home. When I called The Container Store to set up a Zoom consultation, they had a time-slot available for me within the next few days.

Photo of a woman sitting on her staircase working on her laptop.

Before our call, I used The Container Store Measurement Guide to measure my closet space. Once we sat down together (via Zoom!), we chatted about my closet specifically + what my goals of the closet redesign were. The designer I worked with was so helpful in getting my thoughts down on paper and before we even finished our call, I had an image mock-up waiting in my inbox! 

Mockup designs of a shelving unit in a storage closet.

Before we hung up our call, I was able to go ahead and place the order for my closet system. The products were ready for pick-up the following week + I was able to schedule an appointment with The Container Store installation team to get everything set up for me! The whole process could not have been easier.

Using My New Elfa Closet System

Once my new Elfa Closet System was installed, the real fun began setting up the new space! Unlike other closet systems I’ve seen, you can easily add, remove and adjust drawers, shelves and other closet features as your needs change.

Photo of a clean and organized closet with shelves and white bins.

The Container Store has an amazing selection of products to complete your Elfa space! I mentioned earlier that we recently moved our G+G merchandise shop into this closet. I used a combination of drawers and shelves to organize all of our branded items! 

Close up photo of part of a closet with shelving unit that is storing mugs.

On the storage side of the closer, we decided to stick with a simple shelving set up. We started the shelves up high to take advantage of the ceiling height, but also to leave plenty of room on the bottom for my furniture.

Photo of a white shelving unit inside a storage closet.

I used a few of my favorite Plastic Stacking Bins + Rolling Storage Totes to organize the miscellaneous items that live in this closet. I, of course, created labels in my custom font for each of the bins. The Container Store has Drawer Label Holders so that you can easily add labels to the Elfa drawers!

Photo of a woman organizing item on a closet shelf.

I could not be more thrilled with how my Elfa Closet turned out. Installing this system truly doubled the space we had before! I was shocked by how much I was able to fit in the closet and still have space left over! Elfa is the perfect solution to help maximize spaces of any size, style or budget. 


I am a proud The Container Store Ambassador and these products were gifted to me from The Container Store. The links provided are affiliate links, which means I earn a small commission if you order through them. All opinions expressed are my own. I only share products that I genuinely use and love.

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