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EP 5: The Power of Decluttering: Free Your Mind, The Rest Will Follow…

“The external looked perfectly pretty and organized but underneath it all was one big gigantic mess. And that’s really how I felt for a lot of my life,” says Corinne, who’s back with Step 2 of the four step framework for living a more organized life. On this episode of Get Organized for Good, she’s focused on decluttering. And while it’s tempting to simply organize your clutter and call it a day–even putting it in pretty containers–unless you purge the things that no longer serve you, you’ll end up back in the same mess sooner rather than later. 

Corinne knows firsthand what an undertaking this is—the decision fatigue, the overwhelm, the emotional drain–because she’s lived it. Now, she’s here to show you how to move confidently and purposefully through it all and follow through with your decluttering mission. She reflects on the cost of hanging onto your stuff–and it goes way beyond money–and she addresses the concerns you may have about throwing stuff away. She’ll even have you rethinking your attitude toward shopping.

Your home should be where you live your most glamorous life, not a massive storage unit or a living landfill. Purging your physical environment sets the framework for purging the clutter in all other areas of your life. 

Let Corinne help you put the grid in place so you have plenty of room for the glam. 


  • “You have to purge [your clutter]  to achieve the glam life you want.” (4:47 | Corinne Morahan) 
  • “Organized clutter is still clutter. And this was the life that I lived. Everything looked organized but I had too much stuff because I had lots of clutter and I could never keep it that way. If you try to organize your clutter, you will eventually end up with the same mess and overwhelm you started with. ” (5:51 | Corinne Morahan)
  • “Purge burnout is real, even if you’re super committed to it and you’re dedicated to the process, you can really burnout because there are so many big decisions. And I’m guessing that when you tried to get organized in the past, you started pulling things out and you got overwhelmed because it got worse before it got better.” (7:26 | Corinne Morahan)
  • “Clutter affects us daily. There is a massive, massive cost to that. It takes away our freedom.” (12:29 | Corinne Morahan) 
  • “Do you want to keep your house as a massive storage unit for the ‘what-ifs’? I would personally rather live in a house that is organized and streamlined and has breathing room.” (13:04 | Corinne Morahan)




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