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EP 4: The Organizing Mindset: Why Your Mindset Matters More Than You Think


Though she’s an organizing pro now, Corinne was once like so many of us: a stressed out mom trying to do it all, whose lists of tasks grew longer as her patience grew shorter. Finally, after reaching her breaking point, she decided to create a framework that would change her life, her family’s life, the lives of thousands of women with whom she has shared it. Now it’s time to change yours, too. On today’s episode of Get Organized for Good, she shares the first and most important step of this framework: shifting your mindset. 

Corinne starts by walking you through a visualization exercise, so you can feel what it’s like to live a truly organized life. But good feelings alone can’t change you into the person you want to become and neither can shame. She presents some of the most common internal roadblocks–overwhelm, perfectionism, not knowing where to start—that keep many people from getting organized and invites you, in a loving manner, to identify those that you recognize in yourself. 

Each of the next three episodes of Get Organized for Good will be devoted to one of the framework’s more tangible steps. In the meantime, this all-important step of shifting your mindset is the first toward a new life.


  • “If you couldn’t tell by now, I need a plan or the wheels fall off the frickin’ bus. Yes, I’m organized. Yes, I’m super productive, highly capable. But the reason I can show up that way is because I have created a framework for our lives that allows me to thrive in that way. Because when I don’t have a framework, it’s not pretty, friends.” (3:27 | Corinne Morahan)
  • “In that visualization, you didn’t win the lottery, you didn’t lose ten pounds, you didn’t get a new spouse. Your life is the same, but it’s organized. That one change can change everything.” (8:07 | Corinne Morahan)
  • “You can’t hate yourself into the person you want to be. You have to love yourself into being her.” (8:50 | Corinne Morahan) 
  • “There really is no such thing as perfect. So, really, just remember that you’ve just got to get started. You’ve got to start anywhere. It’s not going to be perfect but it’s going to be amazing. Like anything worth doing, getting organized is a marathon not a sprint. P.S., I fricking hate running. So maybe it’s neither, but you get the point.” (14:17 | Corinne Morahan) 
  • “This is what a mindset shift will do: What was once so hard starts to feel like, ‘Oh, wait, this actually the easier thing to do.” (15:08 | Corinne Morahan)


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