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EP 22: Which “Mom Type” Are You?


“Show me a perfect mother; there are literally none out there,” explains host Corinne Morahan, addressing the unrealistic expectations placed on moms and the guilt that follows when they fall short. Instead of feeling guilty, Corinne emphasizes focusing on our individual strengths and the unique gifts we bring to our children. 

In today’s episode of Get Organized for Good, Corinne identifies four types of mothers: Play Moms, Teacher/Achievement Moms, Chill Moms, and Structured Moms. She explains the strengths and contributions of each type and, as a Structured Mom, shares what her kids’ morning, after-school, and evening routines look like.

Corinne also responds to questions from her Instagram community about mom guilt. She discusses whether you need to attend every one of your children’s sports games, how to ensure you matter in your own life, the importance of self-care, and why “happy moms make happy children” is true—with an important caveat. She challenges the notion that being selfish is inherently bad.


  • “There are incredible benefits to all of these types of mothering. And of course, there are areas where each of us would like to be stronger, but instead of focusing on the areas where we are lacking, I think it is so much more beneficial to our kids and to ourselves in just focusing on the areas where we are strong.” (10:45 | Corinne Morahan) 
  • “The more that we can be honest about the things that we’re not doing, the more we liberate other mothers to recognize that nobody is doing it all, but we can all focus on our strengths and we can also learn from each other, we can borrow from other types of moms.” (14:20 | Corinne Morahan) 
  • “We can’t do all the things, for all the kids, all the time. We just cannot. Nor do we have to. When we became mothers, we didn’t sign every single ounce of ourselves away.” (29:31 | Corinne Morahan)
  • “For me, it is very triggering to be called selfish, or it was until I realized that first of all, this is not being selfish. This is nurturing the human being that you are so that you can show up as the best mom, daughter and doctor that you can be because if you’re burned out you don’t do anyone any good. But the other piece of it is, if it were selfish, which it’s not but if it were, who gives a f**k?” (24:29 | Corinne Morahan)


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