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EP 21: Can you love to shop and still be organized?


“Let’s just put this out there: we all buy too much—myself included,” host Corinne Morahan admits on today’s episode of Get Organized for Good. For many of us, shopping is truly a kind of therapy, a way to alleviate stress. The problem? That relief is temporary and leads to a host of extra problems—clutter, stress, guilt, to-dos, and even debt.

Luckily, we have the power to reframe our attitude toward shopping, and Corinne is here to help us do just that. By learning what, where, when and, most importantly, why you shop, you may find that by the end of this episode, your joy of shopping doesn’t hold the same power over you. 

As with all of Corinne’s exercises, there is no room for judgment here. We all live in a culture devoted to consumption, ease and convenience, and everyone suffers from over-shopping in one way or another. To show that you are not alone, Corinne reads some of the most common shopping scenarios shared by her Instagram community, including the trap of bargain hunting, being trigger happy and the negative cycle of buying cheap.



  • “Everything in our life works as a system: how we shop, how we keep our houses, how we show up, how we feel about ourselves—it’s all so interrelated. And I want to bring attention and awareness to your shopping habits so you can love what you own and you can love your life again.” (4:27 | Corinne Morahan)
  • “I’ve seen all of this. I’ve seen people who love everything they buy and use it all. I’ve seen people who love shopping and then the adrenaline wears off and they decide to return everything. And then there are people who buy, buy, buy, don’t actually love any of it, it sits in their house unused. We’ve had clients where we'll go through their closets, and we’ll purge thousands and thousands of dollars worth of clothing that still has its tags on it.” (9:13 | Corinne Morahan)
  • “I want you to think about the joy of delayed gratification, not the punishment of it. It’s like an orgasm: the longer it builds over time, the better it is. Same thing with buying something that we really want.” (15:43 | Corinne Morahan)
  • “Doing this can actually bring back your love of shopping, or, what I’ve seen for a lot of people who are in my membership, is it makes you realize that shopping doesn’t have the allure that you thought it did, that consumption doesn’t have that allure. Having things no longer feels exciting because what feels exciting is living in a house with breathing room. Living in a house where you know where everything is, living in a house where you don’t have too many things. For most of us we find a middle ground.” (17:54 | Corinne Morahan)


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