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EP 2: Organizing Is Self-Care


“When we live in an organized home, that is the ultimate form of self-care that we can give ourselves.”

Self-care is a ubiquitous term these days and usually brings to mind spa treatments, nail appointments, or long soaks in the tub. But if we can shift our mindsets, we will see that getting organized is the ultimate form of self-care. On today’s episode of Get Organized For Good, Corinne explains that not only is self-care more impactful than any beauty treatment, but it lasts longer and gives you the kind of peace of mind that allows us to enjoy those other treats and breaks more fully. 

Organizing our interior spaces–our homes and minds—has countless benefits to our mental and physical health. From stress relief to increased productivity at work and even better sex, Corrine discusses how organization can improve our lives and for the long term. The rest of the world benefits from your organized home as well, since organized people show up as kinder and more patient. As she says, ‘getting organized for good’ has a dual meaning: once you get it done it becomes a matter of maintenance from then on, and it allows you to bring more good into your life while you put more good out into the world in return. 

Life is not a dress rehearsal. We should be striving to fill each day with joy and productivity. Join today’s discussion to learn how getting organized will help you live your life to the fullest. 


  • “We get one life. We should have as much fun and joy as possible.” (0:47 | Corinne Morahan)
  • “I’d rather be selfish but show up in a kind way, in a grounded way, in a mature way than be annoyed all the time. So, I know that self-care is not selfish, but even if it is, OK, I can live with that. I can live with being selfish because I know I show up as my best self when I’m taking care of myself.” (4:12 | Corinne Morahan)
  • “I get it. It’s more fun to go get your nails done or to sit in a bath than it is to organize your house. But imagine what it would feel like if you spent the time to declutter and organize and set your house up in a way that functions for you, and you thought of that as your self-care?” (7:32 | Corinne Morahan)
  • “The most beautiful thing about it is you see the rewards immediately.” (12:07 | Corinne Morahan)


The Grid + Glam Self Care Journal

Self-care is not selfish! In fact, it brings out the best in us. If you're looking to find some self-care inspiration, this journal is just what you need!


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