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Get the G+G Home Organizing Guide

I’ve bundled up every printable you could possibly need to not only organize all the rooms in your house, but also keep them looking neat, tidy, and effortlessly stylish.


Individual Bootcamps

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Individual bootcamps

Organize By Room

Each Bootcamp includes trainings, tours of that space, step-by-step instructions on how to purge and organize your space, and links to the best products to purchase to keep your home organized. 

Kitchen + Pantry

In this bootcamp we’ll organize your kitchen and pantry to set your whole day up for success. From where to put your pots + pans, to how to meal prep, we cover it all!


Main Bedroom + Closet

Imagine going to sleep every night in a zen bedroom. Imagine having a closet full of clothes that make you feel your best! We’ll achieve that and more in this bootcamp.


Playroom, Toys + Pets

Games, trains, and dolls, oh my! In this bootcamp, we’ll get your kiddos’ (and furry babes’) toys organized. We’ll also get your kids involved so you’re not a one-person show!


Paper Clutter + Home Office

Getting your important documents organized and creating a system that will allow you to keep them that way forever will change your life. We’ll do that in this bootcamp!


Kids' Rooms + Artwork

Kids’ rooms a mess? Not sure what to do with all their artwork? We’ll tackle that all in this bootcamp, while also teaching your kids how they can help!


Digital Clutter + Photos

Too many files, too many emails, too many photos! You’re not alone. In this bootcamp we’ll delete what you don’t need and set up a maintenance system that fits your life.


Mudroom + Guest Room

Tired of shoes all over your floor? Have a guest room full of who-knows-what?! In this bootcamp we’ll get those areas in tip-top shape.


Laundry + Utilities

An organized laundry room and utility closet will change the game for you and your family. In addition, we'll transform how you do laundry, once and for all, friend! 


Living Room + Dining Room

Want to entertain but feel like your main spaces are not guest-ready? Let’s organize and style your Living and Dining Rooms so you can proudly invite your guests in.


Storage Spaces

Let’s be real - organizing our storage spaces is tough but critical! Together, we’ll make this as painless as possible and finally tackle your garage, basement and more.


Bathrooms, Beauty + Linens

It’s super fun to get ready every morning knowing that your toiletries and beauty products are exactly where you need them. In this bootcamp we’ll make it happen.



Sentimental items can be so challenging to declutter and organize because of the precious memories you've made. In this Bootcamp, I’ll support you through the entire process.


Mommy and Me

Getting organized isn't just your responsibility. It's empowering for your kids to know that they have the skills to organize and that you trust them to do it! Grab your kids and watch this series together.


Style Your Spaces

Want to give your home that Pinterest-worthy look? I'm sharing all of my best space-styling secrets in this Bootcamp. You'll fall in love with every corner of your home and feel motivated to keep things tidy.


Packing for Overnight Camp 

I'm sharing all my tips and tricks to help make packing your kids for overnight camp as stress-free as possible! Plus, get access to my Kids' Camp Must-Haves Product List.


Bootcamp Bundles

Organize by Space

Ready to really dive in but need a little guidance on what to purchase? We've bundled up some of our most popular Bootcamps so you can tackle those areas start to finish. Bundle, save $$, and finally get those spaces organized for good. 

Main Floor Bundle

Ready to tackle your main living areas to bring ease and joy into your day-to-day, and host without embarrassment or frantic cleaning? This bundle is for you!

Includes 2 Bootcamps:
Kitchen + Pantry, and Living + Dining Room

$149 BUY NOW

Kids Bundle

This is the ultimate bundle to get all of your kids' toys, clothing, and artwork organized once and for all. We tackle every single category of their belongings!

Includes 2 Bootcamps: 
Playroom and
Kids' Room + Artwork

$149 BUY NOW

Sentimental Bundle

Sentimental items are hands-down the hardest to declutter and organize. In this bundle we tackle all the places in your home where sentimental items live.

Includes 3 Bootcamps:
 Storage Spaces, Digital Clutter + Photos, and Sentimental Items

$199 BUY NOW

For Her Bundle

Getting organized is an amazing form of self-care. This bundle is for the woman who is ready to tackle her personal spaces to make room for more ease and pleasure.

Includes 3 Bootcamps:
 Main Bedroom, Bathroom
+ Sentimental Items

$199 BUY NOW

Office Bundle

Our files - both digital and paper (not to mention an overflowing email inbox) - are a thorn in our sides. This bundle will get your files and email organized for good!

Includes 2 Bootcamps:
Office + Paper Clutter, 
Digital Clutter + Photos

$149 BUY NOW

Get it Together Bundle

You’re a badaᦓᦓ and you’re ready to get your life and house organized for good. This bundle has it all. Every bootcamp and bonus at your fingertips immediately.

12 Bootcamps, Mommy + Me, and Style your Spaces


Give the Gift of an Organized Home

Want to surprise someone with a Bootcamp or our organizing membership? Reach out to our team and we'll help you give the gift of being organized!

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