Are you ready to take your professional organizing business to the next level?

 It’s time to stop playing small and create a sustainable, profitable version of your organizing business that can thrive in any environment.


You can take one look at a cluttered space and know
exactly how to make it beautiful and functional. But running a business? That’s a different story...

You’re a talented organizer, and your go-getter attitude and hard work have gotten you where you are today. 

But even though it’s been a couple of years, you’re not quite where you want to be.

You have big dreams for the type of business you want to run — the impact you want to have, the goals you want to reach, and the money you want to make. And you know it’s possible because you’ve seen other organizers do it. 

You just have no clue how to get there.

Does any of this sound familiar? 

You feel intimidated by business language and concepts, and aren’t sure how these “best practices” and “proven strategies” are supposed to work for an organizing business.

You’ve got an audience, maybe even a crazy engaged social media presence, but you’re not sure how to translate that into profit.

You’re falling into the comparison trap, scared that you’ll be left behind if you don’t grow and evolve your business ASAP.

You love what you do, but you’re on the verge of burning out, and it stresses you out to think that your time, energy, and income potential are limited .

You know there has to be a more effective way to run a business, but you have no one to turn to for advice on what to do (and when to do it).

What if I told you that it doesn’t have to be this complicated?

I want to empower you to create a version of your business you feel confident in — today, tomorrow, and beyond. 

No matter your years of experience or the size of your team, you can run an organized, purposeful, profitable business that fulfills you and makes you money. 

And you don’t have to work yourself to the point of burn-out to get there.

How would things be different if you...

  • Knew exactly which next step to take, because you had a clear roadmap for business growth?
  • Could pivot and diversify your offerings today, so you can continue to make money and serve your clients, even if you stopped offering in-person services?
  • Introduced more ease to your business, so you could continue to bring home income for your family without compromising quality time with them?
  • Could speak to someone who’s been in the trenches — someone with business experience who knows the organizing industry firsthand — to talk to about your challenges and best next steps?
  • Had total confidence that you were on the right path, without any fear of falling behind or missing important steps?

Take a deep breath, friend. Because I’ve created
something to make all that possible for you.

Introducing Organizers Academy®

A six-month, hands-on coaching program that gives you everything you need to build a sustainable, profitable, thriving professional organizing business in 2021 and beyond.

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With Organizers Academy®, you’ll learn how to enhance and restructure your organizing business so you can scale and future-proof it — without starting from scratch or trying to figure it all out on your own.


This program will help you:

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Restructure your business model so you can easily adapt to almost anything the world throws at you

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Add different income streams to your business without the guesswork of what ideas are (and aren’t) worth your time

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Smooth out your systems and client onboarding, so you can scale your business without burning out

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Market your business on social media channels with confidence and clarity, in a way that feels authentic and practical

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Scale + grow your business and team, so you can earn more while doing the same amount of work — or less!

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Connect with a supportive community of fellow professional organizers and get support from those who understand (and share) your daily reality

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Feel better prepared when life serves you the unpredictable

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Here’s how Organizers Academy® Works


Each month, we’ll start with a training video and workbook on a specific business topic, so you can dive deep into the strategies and start applying them to your business. You’ll get feedback on your workbook during our coaching calls.

Three times per month, we’ll have 90-minute coaching calls where you can get direct support from Corinne. That’s 4.5 hours of monthly face-time where you can ask questions and troubleshoot your unique business challenges.

In between coaching sessions, you’ll receive targeted tasks personalized to your business goals. Corinne and her team will regularly review all your progress and help keep you on track.

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Monthly Training + Workbook Drop

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90-Minute Coaching Calls + Homework

What we’ll cover together:

Month 1: Product Offerings

Learn how to pivot your organizing services and diversify your offerings, so you can stop trading your hours for dollars and build a business that will not just survive but thrive in any market.

Month 2: Branding

Create a unique and authentic brand, so you can stand out from the crowd and ensure you’re always making decisions that align with your vision and values.

Month 3: Processes

You can’t find more hours in the day, but you can set up processes that help you do more in less time. In this module, you’ll set up systems to help you effortlessly manage your projects, teams, and client onboarding (while still delivering an amazing experience).

Month 4: Marketing + Promotion

Marketing is key to running a sustainable, profitable, and thriving business. You’ll learn how to create a marketing funnel for your business so you can attract and sell to more clients without spending hours glued to your phone or laptop.

Month 5: Email Marketing

Email marketing is so crucial to growing your business that it gets its own module! You’ll learn how to nurture, grow, and provide value to your email list, so you always have an audience that’s primed and ready to buy.

Month 6: Streamlining

Now that you’ve refined your offering and honed in on your brand, you’ll focus on streamlining your entire business (including content creation + graphics) so you can continue to grow your reach and your bank account, without growing your to-do list.

PLUS I’m throwing in these bonuses

Hands-On Support

Corinne and the entire G+G Team are here to provide feedback whenever you feel stuck. Our team has experience in business, systems, branding, launching, marketing, copywriting, and more!

Whether you want a second set of eyes on your launch emails, marketing plan, or website copy, we’re here to help. We even offer email support for those questions that feel too private to ask in front of your fellow organizers.

Exclusive Bonus Trainings

Your membership to Organizers Academy® gives you exclusive access to workshops you won’t find anywhere else! From Canva to SEO, Asana to Excel, we’ll help you build out your skillset (and toolkit) so you can become a more well-rounded and organized entrepreneur.

KPI Tracker

Data is your best friend in business. Our easy-to-use KPI (Key Performance Indicator) Tracker will help you keep a pulse on what’s working on your business and what’s not, so you can quickly fix any issues and ensure you’re always making profitable decisions.

Private Facebook Community

The G+G Team is on-hand in our private Facebook Group to answer any questions you may have as you go through Organizers Academy®. This is also a great place to network with the organizers in your cohort who share your goals and challenges.

Organizers Foundations Course

I’m also gifting you access to my popular Organizers Foundations course, so you can ensure you’ve ticked all those boxes and built a strong business foundation for the growth you’re about to experience. From forming a legal entity to opening a business bank account, you can have total confidence that you haven’t missed a single step.

Pay-In-Full Bonus: 1:1 Coaching Call with Corinne

If you chose the pay-in-full investment for Organizers Academy®, you’ll also receive a FREE one-on-one coaching call with Corinne, redeemable at any point during the program.

Organizers Academy® will be enrolling for July 2021

We carefully review each application to ensure you’re the perfect fit for Organizers Academy®. If your application is successful, you'll be able to choose from two investment options.

Pay in Full

One Payment of

  • Complete Organizers Academy® Course
  • 3x LIVE Monthly Coaching
  • Customized Assignments
  • 6-Month Access to Private Facebook Community
  • Bonus resources + templates

PLUS Pay-In-Full Bonus: One 1:1 call with Corinne


6 Monthly Payments

Monthly Payments of 

  • Complete Organizers Academy® Course
  • 3x LIVE Monthly Coaching
  • Customized Assignments
  • 6-Month Access to Private Facebook Community
  • Bonus resources + templates


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Hey there! I'm Corinne.

Professional organizer, entrepreneur, and founder of Grid + Glam. 

As a business owner, wife, and mom, I have a firsthand look at the daily challenges that come with trying to run a sustainable, profitable business.

I started my career on Wall Street and worked as an independent consultant for over a decade. Not only have I coached successful business owners on the best way to streamline their processes and make more money doing less work, but I’ve also gotten my hands dirty managing projects, creating programs, and implementing strategies — all skills that have helped me build my own successful brand.

Over the past three years, I’ve built Grid + Glam into a multi-six-figure organizing business from scratch, starting with $1,500 and no celebrity clients.

By combining my in-person services with online offerings and building a thriving online community, I’ve helped thousands of women organize their homes for beauty and function. And I’ve learned what it takes to build an organizing business that can thrive in any environment. 

And I want to share all of that (and more) with you inside Organizers Academy®. 

Will you join us?

Is Organizers Academy® for you?

This is for you if…

  • You’re a go-getter who’s ready to take your organizing business to the next level
  • You’re ready to start focusing your time and energy in all the right places
  • You know that investing in your business is the fastest, most effective way to grow
  • You’re ready to feel like the CEO of a thriving company, instead of treating your business like a hobby

This isn’t for you if…

  • You’re not willing to put in the time + work to implement what you learn
  • You’re not willing to think outside the box, do things differently, and learn new things
  • You’re more concerned with growing your popularity (and follower count) than your profitability
  • You’re not ready to invest in your business goals

A one-of-a-kind coaching program for organizers who want to build a thriving business, even in uncertain times

There’s no denying that our industry was rocked when the world shut down in early 2020. But even as a professional organizer, your business can withstand almost anything the world decides to throw at you.

You don’t need a lockdown or pandemic to change the way you do business.

You can decide to make that change, today.

You can choose to bring more ease and flow to your business. 

To stop trading your hours for dollars, capping your income potential. 

To stop playing small, and to go after your dreams with a sense of confidence and excitement.

Are you ready to make that choice?


Frequently Asked Questions


Imagine where your business could be in just 6 months…

Are you ready to make those dreams a reality? 

Join us, and become a part of the next graduating class of Organizers Academy®.