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Is the never-ending paperwork in your home making you feel overwhelmed + disorganized?

In my free 4-day Mini Bootcamp, we’ll start to get your paper clutter under control — for good.

I'm SO ready, Corinne! Count me in!

In this Free 4-Day Mini Bootcamp, you will… 

Get clear on what paperwork you actually need. (Spoiler: You can purge a LOT more than you think.)

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Organize your existing paper clutter, so you can stop living under piles of paperwork.

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Set up systems for your incoming paperwork, so you can not just get organized but stay organized — for good!

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Get to hang out + ask me questions, live! After the 4-day Mini Bootcamp, I’ll go LIVE on Facebook to answer any questions you still have about getting and staying organized.

What to Expect

Each day, you’ll get a small task (with a video) that you can do in 30 minutes or less to get your paper clutter under control + set you up for lifelong organizing success.

It’s all delivered in the same portal I use for the G+G Membership, so you get the full Grid + Glam experience. And I’m giving you a free Paper Clutter Mini Bootcamp Worksheet, so you can make a plan to take serious action! 

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Before G+G Mini Bootcamp

Paper clutter making your home look disorganized + messy → 

Holding on to unnecessary paperwork → 

Feeling stressed + overwhelmed → 

After G+G Mini Bootcamp

clutter has its place and works with your home + life

Letting go of what you don’t need (including clutter-induced anxiety)

Feeling relieved + on the right track once and for all

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The beauty of these challenges is that Corinne and her team not only break down the tasks into bite size manageable pieces, but also teach you how to emotionally and physically adopt newer healthier habits and tools to maintain them. Thank you Grid + Glam!

Julia K

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Thank you so much for all you and your team do! I’m getting it after watching all these videos and posts. I love how you explain purging + how it seems ok to let go of stuff we no longer need or use. It also has helped me really look at my spending. I love your energy and the enthusiasm you share every time I see you!

Laura S

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Thank you for your help!  I joined Grid+Glam (Membership) on a whim.  I hadn’t even followed you on social media. But I’m glad I took a chance!  I’ve already seen a difference in our home and there’s more to come! For once, I’m not overwhelmed at the state of the house!

Michelle T

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Ready to get your paper clutter under control, once and for all?

Sign up today and I’ll send you your free Paper Clutter Mini Bootcamp Workbook right before we start!

I'm SO ready. Sign me up!