You’ve been dreaming of an organized home for too long.

Are you ready to reclaim your time with organization habits + systems that work long-term
(not just for a day or two)You’re in the right place.

Your dream of an organized home goes beyond Pinterest-worthy spaces.

You know that decluttering and organizing your home will help you and your family live a happier, more fulfilling life.

A life where you spend less time stressing + searching for lost items, and more time enjoying your home and the memories you create there. 

But you feel stuck. 


You’ve tried countless organizing hacks

You spent too much money on storage bins at Target, but you never feel like you’re making real progress.


Your family never seems to get on board

You’re so tired of nagging everyone to put things back where they belong.


You have no idea how to tackle some rooms

You wish you had a roadmap or fairy godmother that would show you exactly what to do.

It doesn't have to be this hard.

How amazing would it feel to...

Run your home from a place of calm and love — not anxiety and frustration?

Walk into your home and feel totally comfortable and at peace — never overwhelmed?

Have organizing systems that are SO easy to maintain that it feels like second nature — even when life gets busy?

Hi! I’m Corinne. 

Professional organizer and founder of Grid + Glam

With my guided group programs, I’ve helped thousands of women organize their homes so they can bring more joy, purpose, and fulfillment into their lives.

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In-Home Organization Services

Ready to completely transform your space and make a lasting change to the way you organize your home and life? My team and I are ready to help.

We’ll come to your home and purge all the clutter standing in your way of a beautiful, organized home.

With this fully done-for-you experience, we’ll plan your space, buy any organizing supplies, and implement a system that’s perfectly tailored to your family and lifestyle.

I know you’re looking for solutions that will hold up against the hectic routines and responsibilities of your day-to-day life, so we won’t just leave you with a beautifully organized space.

We’ll also educate you and your family on how to use and maintain it, no matter what life throws at you.

Not local to Boston? No problem! We'll travel to you!

Moving? We have you covered. We can facilitate your entire move, start to finish. You get to go away for a relaxing weekend and come home to a completely unpacked, perfectly organized home that’s ready for new memories.

Investment: Starting at $2,000 (Please contact us for a custom proposal).

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The G+G Membership

Ready to say goodbye to stress, mess, and disorganized old habits for good?
The G+G Membership gives you the full step-by-step process to get there.

The Membership has helped hundreds of women make life-changing shifts in how they organize their homes.

It’s perfect for busy women who are ready to adopt long-lasting habits that bring more organization, fulfillment, and joy into their homes and lives.

As my signature program, the G+G Membership has everything you need to develop habits that make living an organized, fulfilled and joyful life feel easy. Doors to the membership open twice per year, in January and June.

Fast-paced, detail-oriented challenges and bootcamps, so you can make the most impact in the least amount of time.

Monthly live group coaching, so you can get all the A’s to your organization Q’s and find the accountability you’ve been searching for.

Access to my most popular printable resources, so you can step away from your computer and start implementing what you’re learning right away.

A private community of accountability partners, so you can meet others on this organizing journey with you and swap tips + cheer each other on.

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