Self-Care Retreat

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, or just plain meh…  join me on a little virtual self-care retreat!

Let’s spend two weeks together finding joy, connecting, eliminating mental blocks (you know, the ones that stand in your way of inviting self-care into your life!), and let’s create a self-care routine that lights you up!

The Self-Care Retreat Includes:

  • Recordings of 4 fun group Zoom sessions
  • A printable journal to guide you through the process

Here are the topics of the 4 calls:

    • Mindset: We’re in the 3rd season of this pandemic and we’re more disconnected, bored + anxious than ever. Let’s acknowledge that, give ourselves some grace, and create the space + opportunity to welcome more self-care into our lives. 
    • Finding Unstoppable Joy: We are all too familiar with negative self-talk. Let’s flip the script and practice affirmations while setting some realistic + powerful boundaries. Let’s also rediscover some of that pre-pandemic JOY. 
    • Lovin’ on That Remarkable Body of Yours: I 100% believe that our bodies are perfect just as they are.  Let’s lean into what makes us feel good every day. Lots of water, good sleep + treats when I want them - these are a few of my secrets to feeling strong, energetic and healthy every day. Now let’s learn about yours.
    • Sunday Reset: I started the Sunday Reset so that I could feel more on top of  my week and not feel like I had to organize all day, every day. Let’s create a Sunday Reset that works for YOU and your life, and includes the self-care you deserve.  

$97.00 USD