You’re way too hot to live in a hot mess

The Grid + Glam Home Organizing  Membership is your glam gameplan to organize your home for good

A life-changing, 12-month virtual group organizing experience.

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Take a deep breath. Stop chasing perfection. 

Organize the Gram-worthy home you've always wanted.

It's time to live the Grid + Glam life

Get the support, coaching, community, and accountability you need to finally get organized.

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The only program available to get your home completely organized once and forever 

All in 12 months flat


Here’s the good news, friend:

Your cluttered home can be conquered once and for all – yes, I mean forever!


The Grid + Glam Home Organizing Membership

This isn’t simply a course 

It’s a lifestyle shift   that will change the way you live forever

The 4 components to end the chaos and bring the calm

Monthly room-by-room bootcamps

Every month, we’ll tackle one area of your home together. Watch the videos, take the action steps, and join the Facebook lives inside of The Membership Lounge to get support.

  • Declutter your space little by little each week, in less time than it takes to make dinner for your family.
  • Set small goals and achieve them each week so you can enjoy your progress.
  • Organize your house in sections so it’s easier to maintain.

Daily support from Corinne & her team

Get feedback in The Membership Lounge every single day as you ask questions and overcome obstacles along the way.

  • Ask me and my team specific questions about organizing, styling, and glamming up your home.
  • Learn from other members about what is and isn’t working for them.
  • Get fresh strategies and techniques we’re developing with our private clients in real-time.

Printable checklists & step-by-step plans

In addition to the videos in each module, you’ll also receive printable organization templates that summarize and help you implement everything you’re learning.

  • Start implementing your new systems by printing out step-by-step checklists. (Or simply use the digital versions!)
  • Make copies so everyone in your household has one. There are even options for kids and partners if you need them.
  • Enjoy our pre-designed document resources that help you run your household like a pro.

A community of glam women

The unique part of the G+G Membership is that the entire community is working through the same space with you each month, offering an incredible opportunity to support each other.

  • Exchange stories and tips with other members who are in the program.
  • Ask questions inside the private Membership Lounge to get answers in between live calls.
  • Check in if you’re having trouble figuring out the best way to tailor a suggestion to your family life.

And to make sure you're supported every  step of the way, you'll also get access to:

Exclusive Bonus

The Private G+G Membership Lounge Facebook Group

This exclusive Facebook group is for members to ask questions,
share ideas, and receive feedback.

This is where you’ll have access to me and my team for support.

  • Group coaching in a closed-door setting so you’re able to ask all of your questions and receive tailor-made answers
  • Connection with other members to exchange feedback and feel supported throughout the 12-month process by the entire community
  • Access to LIVE sessions with me and my team that cover different areas of organizing
How It Works

One year to an organized home

Each month, we’ll tackle one area of your home.
You’ll feel more in control within 7 days of joining the program.

Select an area and scroll down to see how transform it into a beautifully organized space.

Kitchen and Pantry

The kitchen is the hub of the house. I’ve lived in big homes and teeny tiny studios. No matter the size of your space, we’ll go little by little transforming your kitchen into a chef’s dream (even if you’re like me and you never cook a thing!). Learn to organize:

  • Food
  • Spices and oils
  • Appliances
  • Daily use items, like silverware, cups, and mugs
  • Junk and crafts
  • Paper goods
  • Medicine and vitamins

Main Bedroom and Closet

Your bedroom is where all the magic happens, but most women feel more peace at the dentist than in their sleeping sanctuary! Your bedroom should be serene so you can get a great night’s sleep or… no sleep at all! 😉

  • Clothing
  • Partner's areas
  • Jewelry
  • Nightstands
  • Serene aesthetic
  • Sleep habits

Playroom, Toys and Pets

The good news in this area is that your kids and pets don’t have the right to argue… because you’re the mama! I’ll teach you a kid-friendly system for getting your kids’ playroom and toys organized in a way that makes them actually want to clean their rooms! Learning to be organized is a gift you give yourself AND them (especially when they head off to college!). Let’s nip kid-clutter in the bud while we still can!

  • Books
  • Stuffed animals
  • Legos and small toys
  • Large toys
  • Games
  • Pet supplies

Paper Clutter

Paper is one of the hardest categories for my clients. What if you need it? What to toss and what to file? You’ll know what to do with every piece of paper that enters your home, so you can handle all the documents life sends your way. We even include a video for your partner that helps them understand why you’ve become “the shredding queen.”

  • Legal papers, insurance and medical papers
  • Vehicle papers
  • Financial papers, receipts, and tax paperwork
  • Work documents and learning papers
  • Kid and pet paperwork
  • Sentimental items
  • Magazines and manuals
  • Mail, office supplies and electronics

Kids' Bedrooms and Artwork

Kids don’t just have toys. They have all the things we have, only smaller, and their rooms are usually even messier than ours! Some days, it’s enough to simply get them to eat their broccoli, let alone clean their kid-nests. We’ll show you how to set up organized kids rooms your children can maintain. If your kids are 5 or older, get them involved. Invite your tweens and teens to watch the videos with you! We’ll show you how to inspire them to action.

  • Clothing and off-season clothes
  • Accessories, jewelry and hair items
  • Dresser tops and nightstands
  • Books and toys
  • Blankets and toiletries
  • Sentimental items

Digital Clutter and Photos

Digital clutter slows us down and impacts our daily lives. It’s the only module in the membership that requires a different approach. Instead of purging, organizing, and resetting this category all at once, we’ll go type by type to get it all done. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll be able to get rid of digital clutter while relaxing or watching Netflix!

  • Emails
  • Computer files
  • Phone apps
  • Phone contacts
  • Digital photos
  • Printed photos

Mudroom and Guestroom

The mudroom is usually a dumping ground. The guestroom gets ignored. While these spaces are usually smaller, there are simple, strategic ways to keep them tidy and sparkling. We’ll cover how to organize this important entryway and guest space to make your arrivals feel warm and inviting.

  • Coats, seasonal clothing and accessories
  • Shoes and boots
  • Sports gear
  • Miscellaneous
  • Luggage
  • Donation bins
  • Guest room space
  • Office space

Laundry and Utilities

Most of us struggle with staying on top of laundry. It’s a pain but great systems can make it a little more palatable! I’ll be sharing a sample laundry schedule to get you in a rhythm of doing little bits at a time, so you don’t dread Saturday when you find yourself washing, drying, and folding on repeat. We’ll also address utilities, which are often a forgotten (and quite harrowing) part of home ownership.

  • Laundry schedule
  • Folding sheets
  • Utility closet
  • Batteries
  • Lightbulbs
  • Tools
  • Cleaning supplies

Living Room and Dining Room

The living room should be a comfy and peaceful spot for family gatherings. The tricky part is that these spaces often serve several purposes, which means they become filled with the family’s possessions. You’ll learn how to define zones and take a visual inventory, so you can create meaningful ways to use your space and keep it organized for good.

  • Media items
  • Books, toys and games
  • Blankets, pillows and decor
  • Storage space, cabinets and drawers
  • Dining room and china
  • Table and entertaining linens

Storage Spaces

I call these indecision stations, where we leave unfinished business and delayed decisions to die. In some cases, these spaces might feel the most overwhelming at first. I’ll help you get into action and make the decisions - with your family! - about what has to stay and what has to go. You’ll even have a special workbook to help you power through and get it done.

  • Attic
  • Basement
  • Garage
  • Shed
  • Closets

Bathroom, Beauty Products, and Linens

Beautiful spaces lead to inspiring beauty routines. Your bathroom, beauty products, and linens were designed to make you feel gorgeous, not grim! My goal is that you step into your bathroom and it feels “Ahhhh… so relaxing.” Whether you’re getting ready for a high-powered day or a good night’s sleep, I’ll help you create intentionality and calm.

  • Products and makeup
  • Appliances and tools
  • Medicine
  • Travel pouches and kids' toys
  • Hair accessories
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Linens

Sentimental Items

Some things are truly sentimental, and I’d never ask you to get rid of family heirlooms and treasures. The trick is to explore your feelings behind why you’re holding onto items. As long as they’re kept because YOU love them, we’ll find a place to cherish them. If they’re only hanging around out of guilt or obligation, I say, “Life’s too short!” I fully give you permission to let them go.

  • Keepsakes
  • China
  • Collectibles
  • Old photos
  • Wedding gifts
  • Baby books and items from your own childhood
  • Precious baby clothes
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Here’s why you’ve never been able to get organized and stay organized for good:


You simply have too much stuff, just like that

Ever play checkers? A checkerboard has 64 spaces. Put one checker per square and organizing is effortless. Put 640 checkers on the same board, and all you’ve got is a jumbled mess.

  • You love to shop
  • You hate to waste
  • Everything has sentimental value
  • You're too busy or overwhelmed to start – and with all the stuff, you feel like you may never get through it all

You haven't identified a spot for every item

As long as there is one spot for every checker on the checkerboard, it’s easy to stay organized. If you had no board, it would be harder to keep those checkers in check.

  • No one taught you a simple way to get it done.
  • You’ve been messy for so long that getting organized feels like an impossible task.
  • You’ve tried “systems” that don’t work for you.
  • You’ve bought containers galore. Now what?

You can't seem to stay on top of your stuff

Without a system where every checker has a spot, you’re always chasing your tail. You organize for hours, and then it's back to square one again and again. You’re ready to do this once and for all.

  • It feels easier to drop things wherever than to put everything back one by one.
  • Your family is messy & you’re tired of nagging.
  • The mess is elusive. Where did it all come from?
  • You’ve never learned to regularly reset like a pro.




No matter the culprit for your clutter, you’re not  stuck.

I’ll show you how to organize your home for the very last time ever.

“Takes 5 minutes to declutter my home!”

It used to take me 5 hours to declutter my home each week before the cleaning service arrived. Now it takes me 5 minutes tops!

Hilary Nadeau, Nurse, mom & shopaholic

Join the Grid + Glam Home Organizing Membership today and get:

The G+G Membership Content Portal

(a $1,997 value)

The training videos, checklists, worksheets, and resources
to organize a home you’re obsessed with

  • A portal of training videos and monthly bootcamp modules that focus on all of the different sections of your home. You’ll be able to pace yourself as you accomplish organizing small spaces each week and watch the stress melt away.
  • A collection of downloadable guides that will help you organize your home in real time. No more hauling your computer around the house each time you’re organizing something new. Print it out and check things off.
  • Bonus sessions on decluttering, organizing with your whole family, and styling your space.

The G+G Content Portal is both way simpler and way more thorough than any other program out there.

There is so much strategy and psychology that goes into organizing a space that stays organized forever – and every space is different. You cannot treat the kitchen like the garage.

You need the specific, timeless approach to each space that has led hundreds of women to completely transform their homes from hot mess to gorgeous glam.

You’ll never (seriously, never ever) have to invest in another organizing program or course again.

12 Months of Mentorship with Corinne

(a $4,997 value)

Corinne is a professional organizer and an experienced coach. She will walk you through implementing the simple systems and processes that will lead you to having a Gram-worthy home.

  • Access to Corinne and her team who will support you by answering questions and guiding you through the G+G process for an entire year
  • Monthly live sessions for members to ask questions LIVE and receive immediate feedback
  • Weekly bootcamp sessions that each tackle a different area in your home to make the process simple and seamless

This program is not for you if you want to spend your hard-earned money on another organizing program that gets tossed after a week or two.

The G+G Membership is designed specifically for women who are 100% committed to living the glam life and creating an organized home that reflects the woman you really are inside.

When you enroll in the program, you’re not just investing in learning an organizing strategy.

You’re committing to transforming your entire home over a 12-month period (because yes, it really takes that long to do it right without the overwhelm) with my help and the support of my entire team.

Nothing is left out, and we hold nothing back. You get it all and if you follow the steps, this is the last organizing program you’ll ever need.

Exclusive Bonus

The Private G+G Membership Lounge Facebook Group

(a $1497/year value)

This Facebook group is for members to ask questions, share ideas, and receive feedback in between our live sessions together.

This is where you’ll have access to me and my team for support …

  • Group coaching in a closed-door setting so you’re able to ask all of your questions and receive tailor-made answers
  • Connection with other members to exchange feedback and feel supported by the entire community throughout the 12-month process
  • Access to LIVE sessions with me and my team that cover different areas of organizing

Plus, check out all of these bonus  resources you get just for becoming a member:

Bonus #1

The G+G Home Organizing Guide

A $97 value

Your ultimate companion for managing your household & running it like a boss.

Home Organizing Tracker

A quick and easy way to track which stage of the organization process you’re on during each month.

Travel Checklists

Take the stress out of travel with these pre-planned, easy-to-follow checklists.

Donation Centers

A list of my favorite donation centers. Some of them do pick-up, and some are drop-off only.

IKEA Product Favorites

Do you ever feel like IKEA has too many options? How will you choose the best storage containers?! I’ve got you covered. This list gives all of my fave finds from Ikea. 

Gym Product Favorites

Kiss your at-home gym woes goodbye. Here are my favorite things to make an at-home gym feel like an Equinox in NYC.

Home Maintenance Checklist

The bones of your house should be just as important as how it looks. Here’s a list of what to look out for when it comes to maintaining your home.

Bonus #2

Styling Your Spaces Mini-Course

A $297 value

This course includes all my styling secrets for glamming up your space. From balance to color coordination to symmetry, this mini-styling course will show you how to make your home look magazine ready & Instagram worthy.

Bonus #3

Mommy & Me Mini-Course

A $197 value

This course has everything you need to get your kids on board with organizing. It is not just your job to keep your home organized. Your kids can and should help you!

Plus, it is super empowering for kids to know that they have the skills to organize and that you trust them to do it! Go grab your little - or big - ones because this course is designed for them!

When you add it all up, that’s a total value of more  than $9,082.

Pay Monthly

$97 USD

12 payments

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Pay Upfront

$970 USD

Single payment – Save $194!

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Hi, I’m Corinne Morahan

I'm the founder of the G+G Home Organizing Membership and CEO of Grid + Glam, a thriving organizing & media company designed to give busy women back their beautiful spaces & the breathing room they deserve.

I’ve loved to organize since I was a little girl, but I could never make it stick. I didn't realize that clutter was standing in my way of staying organized.

Now, organizing is my #1 form of stress-relief and I have the time and energy to live my dream life.

But it wasn’t always this way.

The kids & the hubs tried to help keep our home organized, but I still felt like I was constantly picking up after them.

Because there was an invisible clutter-villain in our midst: Too much stuff!

If you have too many things in your home, you’ll always live in clutter.

It wasn’t until I spent years developing a fully comprehensive (and ridiculously simple!) approach to organizing that I was finally able to keep my home looking magazine-ready 24/7/365.

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We’re proud of our 100% no-fail guarantee

We’ve never had someone go through one of our programs as intended and not have an extraordinary experience. If you’re the first, let’s talk.

This program is for those who truly want to transform their home.

If that’s you, we’re fully, 100% committed to your success.

“But Corinne, should I really spend money on this?”

You might be wondering, "Isn't it kind of silly to pay someone to tell me to organize my house?"

Well, you know I’m biased, but there’s a reason it’s been so hard to get organized and stay organized for good, and the answer isn’t in having more willpower.

It’s not in having the right bins or even the right mindset. It’s not even about changing who you are.

It’s in having a recipe for success.

What is it costing you to feel stressed out, anxious, and frankly, embarrassed?

Spending life frustrated & buried under clutter when you could be enjoying precious moments with your loved ones
Losing valuable items you have to repurchase again and again – and again
Passing on dinner parties, get togethers, and hosting spontaneous guests because you’re not ready to receive them
Starting over - time and again - because you’re fighting against a losing system that you’ll never be able to maintain
Feeling weighed down by carrying all the extra stuff that you own
Reminding yourself you’re not where you want to be with clothes that don’t fit & piles of unfinished business everywhere

It’s time to trade the piles of clutter for calm

Learn my simple approach to creating a Pinterest-worthy aesthetic, all while..

  • Decreasing anxiety and increasing focus
  • Simplifying your life
  • Knowing where everything is at all times
  • Having everything you own at your fingertips
  • Entertaining at the drop of a hat
  • Welcoming unexpected guests
  • Enjoying more rooms in your house
  • Taking a deep breath every time you enter your home
  • Feeling  calm & in control every single day
  • Creating a beautiful space & enjoying a beautiful life

The G+G approach works

Here’s what our amazing clients have to say about the program:

“This program is keeping me sane!”

I joined this program because I felt like I could relate to Corinne. Now I’m in it, and I couldn’t be happier with my new space.

Kristyn Cohen, Avid Target shopper

“The mindset shift is unbelievable!”

Corinne gives you the tools to do it yourself. I’ve changed my behavior, so now I’m able to easily let go of the items I don’t want anymore. Plus, I’ve learned how to organize things right away when I bring anything new into my home (Thankfully, I’m shopping so much less these days!)

Liz Mullady, Full-time worker & mom of 3

“I’m enjoying all the rooms in my home!”

G+G is definitely worth the time and cost. Corinne and her team are so helpful and we get way more contact with them than I’ve gotten in other programs. Everything is broken down into simple, small steps and I finally feel like organizing is more manageable.

Jess Maurer, Queen of unfinished projects

Let's sum it up!

Here's everything you'll get in the G+G Membership:

The G+G Content Portal

$1997 value

12 Months of Mentorship with Corinne

$4997 value

G+G Membership Lounge

$1497 value

Bonus #1 - The G+G Home Organizing Guide

$97 value

Bonus #2 - Styling Your Spaces Mini Course

$297 value

Bonus #3 - Mommy & Me Mini-Course

$197 value

Creating beautiful spaces & breathing room


Total value inside the G+G membership: $9,082

Your investment in the G+G Home Organizing Membership:

Pay Monthly

$97 USD

12 payments

Enroll Now

Pay Upfront

$970 USD

Single payment – Save $194!

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Questions? Ask away!

What happens if I want to stay in for more than one year?

After your first year, you're invited to join Insiders Club for ongoing support and coaching forever!

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